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WASTE Issues Workshop


Solid waste: places, bins to put rubbish in, in the house, or in the street Has UNTAET any plan to clean the city, or to build infrastructure for cleaning the city? Great increase in solid waste since UN arrival- change in the type of waste lack of environmental awareness work program lack of knowledge as to where rubbish should go Canít find the right person to speak to Non bio-degradable rubbish a problem since Indonesian times No place to dispose of waste water- it now goes to creeks, beaches, and ground water Polluted, contaminated water kills fish and other marine life No seperation between grey, black, and storm water Septic tank overflows Impacts on human health- water-borne diseases Oil, petrol from cars, goes to drains.




        Great increase in rubbish/waste since UN arrival.

        Non bio-degredable rubbish a problem since Indonesia in Timor.

        No Places, bins to put rubbih in. ††††† house, street

        Give information and advice to community

        Special instructions for waste manegement recycling

        Container deposits

        Education formal & Informal

        Supply of bins in public places

        Recycling reduces waste by up to 90%

        Legislation for land fill- Environmental law

        Special place for disposal treatment

        Indentify appropriate technology for East Timor

        Methods need to be put in place to hande lincrease in waste. eg, Ozone

        Communities choose site for local treatment of waste


Waste water

- No places to dispose of waste water

- Goes to creeck, beach, ground.

- Polluted, contaminated water kill fish other marine life.

- No separation between grey, black and storm water.

- Septic tank over flows.

- Impacts on human: health-water borne diseases.

- Oil, petrol from cars -drains






        Strategies waste water

        Communities choose site for local treatment of waste, reduces need for transport/ piping costs

        Education for correct disposal of waste water

        Guidelines for growing vegetables in waste water

        Biological and treatment systems = work on all scales

        Separation of waster into useful/ non useful items