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Theo Bell

Nickname: Rabble

Clan Brujah is largely composed of rebels, both with and without causes.

Individualistic, outspoken and turbulent, Brujah hold social change near to their undead hearts, and the clan's ranks contain some of the most violent of the Camarilla Kindred.

Most other vampires perceive the Brujah as nothing more than punks and miscreants, but the truth of the matter is that genuine passion lies behind their polemics.

Characters Available

Character Name

Concept & Description

Games Played

Vance Matthews      The Iconoclastic Trendsetter (Rebel/Avant-Garde): You have always followed your own ways; unfortunately, others seemed to take what you thought were genuine screams of rebellion and turn them into freaking fashion trends. You have very little patience for the trendy and God help anyone who accuses you of being one…


Rachel McGinnis     The Vigilante (Fanatic/Judge): You wanted a normal life, but that was denied to you. So, instead, you will make sure that stability isn’t denied to anyone else. You are the hunter of the hunter, the top of the urban food chain. You don’t necessarily get along with others of your clan, especially those that are closely affiliated with gangs. But hopefully you can find some allies among the undead.


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