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Name: Hikari Ono
Nick-Name: Hii
Birth Date: November 27, 1971
Zodiac: Saggitarius
Blood Type: A
Height: 170 cm [ 5'6" - 5'7" ]
B-W-H: [ cm ] 85 - 59 - 86
[ in inches ] 35" - 29" - 36"
Shoe Size: 25.5 cm [ size 9 ]
Favorite Flower: Gerbera [ African Daisy ]
Likes: Teddy Bears
Dislikes: Bananas
Pets: Yorkshire Terrier

Hikari is an actress, singer, as well as a dancer. Her dance experience is 20 years of modern ballet, 15 years of classic ballet, 8 years of jazz dance, and 4 years of tap dance. Hikari has a younger sister, Kagari, who is also a dancer. Hikari's mother opened a dance studio, where Hikari and Kagari teach children.

Hikari first appeared in the Sailormoon Musicals in the 1996 Winter version of the Sailormoon SuperS Musical called " Yume Senshi, Ai Eien ni, Saturn Fukkatsu hen... ". She was the actress for Hawk's Eye! She later acted as 'Neo Hawk's Eye' for the SuperS Special Show. In the summer of 1996, Hikari took up the role as Kou Taiki/ Sailor Starmaker in the Sailor Stars musical, and kept her role until 1998 Winter for the 'Eien Densetsu- The Final First Stage' musical.
In Summer of 1998, Hikari returned for the Second Stage era of the Sailormoon Musicals as Hawk's Eye again for 'Shin Densetsu Kourin'. Her most recent role right now is for the character 'Ruufu Merou' in the all-new original musical called ''Kaguya Shima Densetsu'', or "Legend of Kaguya Island". In this musical she plays the Artica Princess from the year 5000 whose heart is captured by none other than Space Knight, or King Endymion. She also retunrs for the 1999 Summer version of "Kaguya Shima Densetsu".

Not only does Hikari do the Sailormoon Musicals, but other preformances as well. She's had joint concerts with Rei Saitoh before. [ Rei Saitoh was the actress for Setsuna Meiou/Sailorpluto from 1995-1998 ]. She was also in a group called 'The Dynamites'. And been in some broadway musicals like 'Little Me' and 'Victor Victoria'.

"Punk Lady no Nazo" [Punk Lady's Enigma] starred Hikari and Rei Saito back from September 24-26. This production has a CD for sale, and MP3s might be put up soon. For those who are interested, the catalog # is RHCE-001. I will be scanning the flyer from the show soon, so you can see it. ^_^;;

The newest musical in Hikari's line of work is "Wasure-mono! Sagashi-mono" [Something left behind! Something to Look for!]. Rei Saito is also in this musical [are her and Hikari ever apart? ^.^], and the cast is a lot bigger. This musical goes on from November 26 to December 5; Produced by Tamae Sha.

Please support Hikari, and go to see her official hompage by clicking on the above link! It is so informative, and had so many pictures! [and I DO mean many!].

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