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Sakoto-san was the actress for Kakyuu Ouhi for the Sailormoon Musicals.
She diplicted the character with great ease and grace, not to mention one powerful singing voice.
Sakoto-san is an incredibly talented woman - - Her voice is soft and flowing, and her singing is beautiful!
I don't have much information about Sakoto-san, but she is surely superb!
If you are a fan of Sakoto's singing, then you should try buying her Solo Album.
It's title is "Chikyu no Kodomo-tachi", or "The Earth's Children".

You can order it here, at Sound City 2000, Inc. Catalogs.

¤ Pictures ¤

Sakoto's Album

¤ Songs ¤

Chikyu no Kodomo-tachi - One of Sakoto's songs

¤Files originally from Beginners Label, which is the company that released Sakoto's Album¤

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