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Birthdate : 03 July 1979
Sign : Cancer
Year Of The : Goat
Blood Type : A
Height : 163.5 cm [ 5'4" ]
Weight : 49 kg [ 108 lbs. ]
Shoe Size : 24.5 cm [ Size 7 ]
Three Sizes : B-84 W-59 H-86 [34-29-36]

Katayama-sempai is well known for her acting roll as "Sailor Star Fighter / Seiya Kou" in Sera-Myu. She performed in the show from years 1996 through 1998. She hasn't rejoined in with any of the newest Musicals, but hopefully the upcoming scripts will have a reviving part for her ^.^. Katayama-sempai is an outstanding singer, and acts very well as Seiya-san! Her performances are virtually flawless and very emotional. She is very convincing, especially on Seiya's part. I adore her completely and I hope that you'll grow to love her too! Hopefully I'll get to see her in person one day, as I already have the Shin Densetsu 1998 cast! If you're out there and ever see this Sayuri-san, I Love You!!!

Unfortunately, there isn't much information about Katayama-sempai's career status as of late. She has been featured in several Japansese Television Commercials, though -- however, nothing musical or stage-wise yet. Hopefully there will be something soon!

Kawaii Sayuri!My Sayuri-chan!Sayuri-chan!

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