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Here are some photos. So far, i just posted them on here. They will be organized when I have time. May take time to load. (c) By my sources provided, and may not be used without permission. Please send in any photos you might have, and credit will be given. *Be sure 2 click attachment when adding the photo*

Battier looking to do it all as a rookie, shows his best shooting form for the coaching staff.  Grizzlie rookies Will Solomon, Antonis Fotsis and Shane Battier look on at Grizzlies Mini Camp at Rhodes College. Battier listens intently in the team huddle. Comments have been made about his ability to pick up the system quickly. Taking a leadership role early on, Shane and Will Solomon seem poised to make a successful jump in to the NBA.
Shane follows up with Coach Sidney Lowe after the huddle to make sure he is clear and gives his feedback. Observation has proven to be one of Shane's best qualities and the Rookie Camp has only reinforced this fact.  Shane seems to enjoy meeting the public on Beale St.
 New Grizzlies Fotsis, Battier and Solomon enjoy some Barbecue Memphis style. Shane and Will take a moment to talk with passers-by as they continue on Beale.
     By Lance Murphey THE OFFICIAL SITE OF USA BASKETBALL                                     (c) AP
 (c)AP   (c) AP(c) AP       (c) AP   (c) AP  (c)AP    (c) AP    (c) AP                              (c) AP       (c) AP   (c) AP(c) Photographer Bob Holliday   (c) AP- John Bazemore    (c) AP       (c) AP   (c) AP    (c) AP ~Duke's Mike Dunleavy, Left, and Coach Mike Krzyzewski   (c) Reuters