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What do you think of Shane? NOTE: Nice opinions or they will be deleted.

I think Shane  is awesome! Not only is he good looking, but he is a great basketball player. He is so talented and he has such a great future     ahead, and I can not wait to see what happens with him. ~Crystal  (Web master)

I think that Shane is one of the BEST basketball players out there. ~Shanie

Shane is the best all-around player Duke has ever had  It was an honer to watch him play these 4 yea. ~John

Shane is an awesome player. He's one of the best players i've ever seen. Not only is he hot but he is the sweetest. If Shane reads this I just want you to know that i'm sure that whatever you decide to do with your life whether it be the NBA or becoming a minister whatever i'm sure you'll be great because you seem like a person that is willing to do anything to be happy. thanx for your time and listening. Carrie

Shane is the greatest basketball I have ever had the pleasure to see play. He's sweet and hot too! ~Heather

Shane....what to say, he is the *BEST* basketball player ever! He is also really HOT!! I LOVE HIM! ~Ashley

We will miss Shane's leadership at Duke He was the best ~John

I think that yall had a great season. You are a yeally good player. Marcus Lane

I really think that you're very confident and such a great baketball
player. congradulations!! ~Zione

Shane is an awesome basketball player. He's very attractive and I look
       up to him for who he is! ~Michelle E.

A great web site and Shane is the best ~ Smith

Who's everyone's daddy? Battier! ~Liz

Web site is great You are doing a great job  I am sure Shane is proud and grateful. ~John

I think Shane is not only a great example, but he is a great leader for everyone and hes HOT!!! ~Nicole

Shane is an awesome player!  He is really hot and any one who makes
      fun of his looks in crazy! ~Becka
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