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Ask Shane
IF you had the chance to ask Shane something what would you ask???

Do your siblings enjoy playing basketball as much as you? ~Crystal
What do you want your future career to be besides basketball? ~Crystal
Any other sports you really enjoy playing? ~Crystal
Do a lot of people notice you when you go out? ~Crystal
How many hours a day do you workout? ~Crystal
What famous NBA players have you met? ~Crystal
Do you have to special order your shoes as many other basketball
      players do? ~Heather
If you had one wish what would it be? *Jamie*
Who was the toughest defensive player you played against? ~John
My son, who is biracial and an awesome b-ball player, is very curious about Shane's ethnic background.  Can you shed some light, please? Thx, C-
Do you accept if Toronto raptors pick you for the 2001 draft? ~Justin L
Shane I'm a basketball player and I wanna get better any tips ? Yvette
This is pretty personal, but was it hard on you growing up
      with interracial parents?~Michelle E.
What made you decide to go to the Grizzlies instead of the
      Detroit Pistons back at home? ~Michelle E.
Do you want to come live in my room in Memphis? ~Carly & Lisa(& a lot more girls)
Is your father African American? ~LILLIE LEWIS
I'm 3.7 student and a varsity b-ball player, is there any
      way to improve on all facets of my game? ~Reggie
Are you ever going to let your hair grow out? ~Rob
What is the one tip you would give someone who wants to
      improve on their basketball skills? ~Becky
What are your feelings about playing with the catalan
      player Pau Gasol in the Grizzlies next season? ~Per
Shane how do you feel about playing with jason williams?
      Will playing with jason improve your game? ~Alex
When you were younger like in middle school did you still
      dream of playing in the NBA? ~Nicole
Do you think Plato or Kierkegaard have a better ideal view
      between the temporal and the eternal~axon kirk

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