The Kastriner/Kallett Gang
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Hey, hello, shalom, guttentag, buenos dias, ko-nitchi-wah, cool runnin's, peace!! Welcome to our Family Web Page, and special warm greetings to our family and friends all over the world. Recent photos, family updates, genealogy, monthly book reviews, Jewish topics, travel, and more--you'll find it all here!! If you like what you see, please tell us...if you don't, please hit the "back" button and have a nice day!
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Sun and fun on the north shore of Puerto Rico, November 2001!!! Weather was gorgeous, and the Atlantic waves were delicious!! Ya gotta try jet skiing in the Atlantic one day!! Better than any rollercoaster!! Cant you tell by our smiles?!?!?
We can't believe this page has been up and running for almost four years already!! If you're just joining us, welcome. And to those of you who are returning, thanks for coming back for another look!! We'd really appreciate any feedback anyone has (especially if you find a spelling error!!) Remember, every time you visit one of our links at the very bottom of this page, it will take you to another URL that is part of our site...when you are done viewing one of the pages, hit your "back" button, which will bring you back here, and then go click on another page. Have fun visiting with us. Please come back again soon, and feel free to contact us at our standard email address, or:

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