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Seems like the last time i wrote it had been a couple of months since i had last updated....and now i'm afraid its been more like 8 months!!! no, i have not fallen off the face of the earth (altho sometimes i may have felt like doing so!!) has just been a wild a crazy 8 months filled with all kinds of surprises!! i wouldnt really even know where to begin updating......suffice it to say, mo and jah both have had great school is now finishing up her first year in public school, and has adjusted so unbelievably well!!! she still dances ballet, swims on the y's team, and now takes private hebrew lessons, as well as lessons that are preparing her for her bat mitzvah (can you believe it!!!! her bat mitzvah!!!).....she has matured so much that we often have to remind ourselves she is still a pre-teen (even if she can borrow my clothes and my shoes!!)....jah is becoming much more studious, and has picked up the family habit of reading.....yes, its just fantastic~~he will go to his room, pick out a few books, and just read, and he's reading had improved dramatically!!! he is now also the avid story teller....can tell you a story for an hour or more, with details, and inflection, and pizazz!! still loves his legos, and his action men.....and of course both kids are truly computer has become quite proficient at HTML, and jah surfs like he's on the big kahuna waves in hawaii!! lee has just received additional responsibilities at work, and he is enjoying what he is doing very much.....i keep my head above water juggling all at home, with working for the paper and a new publisher up north, and my community activities.....i love staying busy, and that's pretty much how these last 8 months have been!!!! did make it up to N.Y. for our nephew's bar mitzvah--what a party!!! and i got out to the grand canyon for new year's, and went through a major blizard to get there!! but the canyon area was just beautiful in snow!!....holidays were all wonderful too!!!.....amazing how good things look when you have your health and those that you really love surrounding you!!! of course you all know of my kidney stone last summer, and most of you know about my recent bout with them advice to everyone~~drink a lot of water!!! you do NOT want to get kidney me....much worse than labor those who shared their love with me, and my family, at this time, i cannot stop thanking no particular order (other than i'll try by alphabet!!!) Al C., Al K., barb, claire (!!! love you sister), claudette (and you!!), tammy (!!! another incredible friend), mom and dad, linda and david, cousin kena (who had a red line into my room!), debrah s., esther, Fran (!!!! Love you!!!!), brother eric, judy r (thanks sweetie!!!), karla, lailja (!!!!!love you sister!!!!), lori, marlene s (best boss, and that is NOT a suck up!!), nancy (thanks for EVERYTHING nan!!!!), rabbi's joel and shimon, robin, sheliah (love you too girl!!!!!), SIMONE, ELIJAH, and LEE (THE ROCKS IN MY LIFE!!!!!!) guys are what love and caring is all about.....i cant tell you how much i appreciate each and everyone of you in my life...i am so lucky....and here's a quote a new friend shared with Neitsche...."It is only the thing which almost kills us that makes us the strongest." so i wish you all strength.....and one more quote (sorry, i dont know who said it)...."Do not measure your life by number of breaths that you take, but rather measure your life by the number of moments that take your breath away." Happy Summer.....i hope i'll be back for more updates soon!!!! please, please, let us know if you like what you saw....scroll down below and sign in on our guest book....even if you have before....we like to know what youre thinking and doing too!!! please dont mark it personal....this way everyone can share!!! Love and Hugs!!


About four years ago we embarked on a journey into the past, sans the time machine! While cousins of ours had done a remarkable job of tracking down our Milberg relatives, we knew nothing about our Kastriner family tree. Since then, we have traced the Kastriner Family back to 1819, in the Court of the Hapsburgs. We have now connected with cousins in New York, Cleveland, Connecticut, California, Seattle, Australia, Hungary, and Sweden. Perhaps our greatest find was our cousin Tibi, born in Hungary, then moved to Sweden after the revolution in 1956, and today lives in China. He is sweet, wonderful, very handsome, and very bright (but of course--he's a Kastriner!!), and the best example of why studying genealogy has some added "real time" benefits!! If you're into genealogy, especially from Hungary, please write to us at our standard email address, or


Our lives are fueled by the flame that burns in our hearts for our history, our people, and our homeland. Each and every week we celebrate the holiday of Shabbat, many times with friends, and sometimes just us four, with song and dance and love!! We have visited, and lived in Eretz Yisrael, our home away from home. We are proud of who we are, as we pass the torch of Judaism to our children. If you would like to debate Torah, Halacha, or just kibbutz, please write to us!! ALWAYS B'SHALOM!!

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