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Welcome to our "hobbies" know, that part of your resume where you include everything you like to do, from gardening to Yoga to lunch (and yes, we do like to do lunch the best!).
This section of our web site will change periodically, especially the Book Of The Month section. As always, we'd love to share ideas and thoughts with you. Please contact us at our standard email address, or at

T-R-A-V-E-L !!!

After family, friends, sex, chocolate, and SCUBA, travel is what we live for!!!
We've been so fortunate to have visited so many wonderful places from Australia to Arizona, New Orleans to Nuweba, Brussles to Bonaire, Warsaw to Washington, Scotland to San Francisco, and more.
We've climbed Mayan ruins in Mexico, dove with dolphins in Honduras, camped at the foot of Massada, drank champagne on the Champs d'Elysee, cried at Auschwitz, hitch-hiked through the Adirondacks and the Berkshires, partied on the Dam Straat, SCUBA'ed with sharks on the Great Barrier Reef, trekked through the wildflowers of Kythnos, sunbathed naked in Dubrovnik, and more!!!
Let's exchange travel stories and travel tips. Try the link:


There is something very comforting about reading Paulo Coelho....something that confirms that the struggle of life is really worth it. In the Alchemist, he does it once again, with the most simplistic, yet thought provoking writing, letting the reader know that "to realize one's destiny is a person's only obligation." The book is about a young man's travels to the Pyramids.....he is in search, altho for what, he is not even sure, but he finds that to follow his heart is all that matters. And each step he takes, brings the reader another point of light.....another nod of the head. I think I may have liked his "The Fifth Mountain" a tiny bit better, but both are really good books that I could read about a hundred times (in about two hours, for each!) and still find new insights. If you read it, have a highlighter ready.....its good for when you go back to get some soul refreshing.