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                                              KAMAL   HASSAN

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Kamal Hassan was born on 7th November 1954 in Paramakkudi of Ramanathapuram

District to an orthodox brahmin couple Mr. Srinivasan and Mrs. Rajalakshmi His father

was a freedom fighter. Kamalahaasan was the youngest of the Haasan brothers,

Chaaru and Chandru being the other two. After his family moved to Madras, he was

spotted by director Trilokachander who introduced him as a child artist in

"Kalathoor kannamma" (Tamil-1960). Although his father and his brothers were

qualified as lawyers, Kamal was not interested in studies. He started showing interest

in classical dance, which induced him to quit studies. Experienced in films as a child artiste,

he was interested in joining film industry,which insisted him to join the drama troupe of

"Avvai Shanmugam". After joining the stage his career started shaping as an artist,

which took different dimensions as a Dancer, Assistant Director, Dance Director

and Story Writer, It was in 1973 when he was introduced by director Balachandar,

as a hero in his film "Arangetram". This was his first film as an hero, today he has acted

more than 170 movies.



National Awards for acting in  Mundram Pirai-1982,

Nayakan-1988 & Indian-1996

PADMASHREE By the Government of India in the year 1990

KALAIMAMANI By the Government of Tamil Nadu, In 1989

Kamal played a variety of roles ranging from a ventriloquist in "Avargal" (Them) to a

rebel who falls in love with an older woman in "Apoorva Raagangal" (Stange Melodies),

and co-starred with Rajinikanth another phenomenon who is currently India's highest

paid actor.He was in the danger of being typecast in arty roles with a rebel image, but

director G.N.Rangarajan realized that he had star potential and sought to cast him as a

singing and dancing Hero, something that Kamal initially disagreed to, but later gave in,

realizing that this was the way to superstardom and achieving fame and fortune, after

which he could really make films that he enjoyed. A string of hits followed with "Guru",

"Sattam En Kayil", "Ellam Inba Mayam".Then came Barathiraaja who used his "16 Vaiadhinile"

to catapult himself to fame and tagged along with him Kamal, Sri Devi and RajiniKanth.

Ilayaraja whose music won the hearts of the people, ensured the films success at the

box office and changed the couse of Tamil cinema which until then had a "play"-is attitued

and did not have the look and feel of a real movie. Another Barathiraaja movie

"Sigappu Rojakkal" enhanced Kamal's image at the box-office and also showed that he

wasn't afraid to play a negative role at the cost of success, as he played a deranged

Psychotic killer, who kills women as he was sexually abused during childhood and his mother

had suffered injustice at his father's hand. A.V.M. the largest studio down south and probably

in all of India decided to recast him as an action hero in "Sagalakala Vallavan", that went

on to become his biggest box-office hit for some time. By then, Kamal was a darling of

the crowds, especially college-girls. His other phenomenal box office success around the

same time was "Kalyanaramana", where he played the eponymous hero, a village bumpkin

who is killed by a few people to usurp his estate, who later comes back as a Ghost to wreck

revenge. In between, Kamal made brief forays into the world of Telugu, Kannada and

Malayalam cinema. But one of the biggest grossing films of all time in Indian cinema,

marked his debut in Hindi with "Ek Duje Ke Liye ", directed by K.Balachander, a remake

of his Telugu hit "Marocharitra", a tragic love story that prompted lovers off screen to

jump to death, inspired by the on-screen romance of Kamal and Rati.."Moonram Pirai"

directed by Balu Magendra, won him his first National award. "Sagara Sangaman" in Telugu

was a box-office success where he displayed his dancing prowess. "Punnagai Mannan"

followed,where he imitated Chaplin, then followed the James Bond-ian adventure "Vikram"

which unfortunately bombed. He also started his own production company with "Vikram"

and has been quite successful as a producer too. ("Apoorva..","Devar Magan") Then came

Nayagan. A movie that changed the course of Tamil cinema. Manirathnam, a MBA from one

of the nation's leading schools, biteen by the bug, turned to films. After achieving success

with "Mouna raagam" (A silent tune), he decided to make a biopic of a famous underworld

don of Bombay, Vardaraja Mudaliar. He has no two doubt sin mind when it came to chosing

the lead, and Kamal duly complyed. "Nayagan" (the Hero) is a landmark movie in Indian cinema,

and changed Kamal's image completely. People now wanted to see him in various guises. So

Kamal became the Lon Chancey of Tamil cinema. He played a dwarf in"Apoorva Sagodarargal"

(Stange Brothers), A Mayor in "Indiran Chandiran", a deranged, obssesive lover in "Guna"

and essayed four different roles in the screw-ball comedy "Michael Madana Kama Rajan".

His was truly a class act and he also turned his efforts towards screenplay and editing, and

scripting. What next ? He is all set to make an epic "Maruda Nayagan" ,and has been working

on a script for two years. Its a costume drama, set in the time of the British Raj. Its been

his dream project for time to come. He also wishes to serialize a Tamil epic story called

"Ponniyin Selvan" for TV, as his efforts to film it with Mani Rathnam at the helm,

did not materialize. Meanwhile, Kamal will continue to sing, and dance and act to entertrain

his fans and the people of the world. He has set the standards, by which all future

actors-to-be will be judged. He is a unique phenomenon and truly an actor of our times.

This great talented artiste currently resides in his Alwarpet residence in Madras with his

sceond wife, Sarika and their two daughters.

In 1989 he started a social welfare movement called Kamal Hassan Narpani Iyyakkam, and

nonpolitical movement, it organises medical camps for tribal people, donates blood & Eye,

conducts seminars on National Integration of various villages, schools and colleges. This

movement has so far donated more than 10,000 pairs of eyes.

Aadu Puli Aatam
Aanandam Paramaanandam (Ma)
Aanandha Jyothi
Aasheerwaadam (Ma)
Apoorva Raagangal (Kamal's 1st movie as hero)
Apoorva Sagotharargal (Played triplerole of dwarf, a normal fella and a father of these twins; was dubbed into
                                      hindi as Appu Raja)
Adyapadam (Ma)
Agni Saatchi (Kamal plays himself!)
Agnipusham (Ma)
Akkale Rajyam (Te)
Alaauddinum Arpuda Vilakkum
Andha Oru Nimidam
Anthuleni Katha (Te)
Anumodhanam (Ma)
Appoppan (Ma)
Aruthu (Ma)
Aval Oru Thodarkathai
Azhiyaadha Kolangal
Benki Alli Aralida Huvu (Ka)
Chanakyan (Ma)
Cinema Paithiyam
Daisy (Ma)
December Pookal
Dekha Pyaar Tumhaara (Hi)
Devar Magan
Dhrogi (Latest release-also called "kurudhi punal")
Donga Dhora (Te)
Ek Duje Ke Liye (Hi) : Remake of Maro Charitra (Te)
Ek Nayi Paheli (Hi)
Ellam Inba mayam
Enakkul Oruvan
Ezhavadhu Naal
Ezhavadhu Iravil Horror Movie (guest role)
Gajgamini Still in planning stage(Hi)
Giraftaar (Hi)
Gnanninne Premikkunnu (Ma)
Gumaasthaavin Magal
Hare Raadha Hare Krishna
Idhaya Malar-with Sujatha
Idhi Kadha Kaadhu (Te)
Ilamai Oonjaladugiradhu
Indhirudu Chandrudu (Te) - Dubbed into Tamil as "Indhiran Chandiran"
Iravil Oru Pagal
Japanil Kalayanaraaman (Sequel to Kalyanaraman)
Kaadal Parisu
Kaaki Sattai
Kabita (Bengali, Kamal's only released Bong film)
Kadal Meengal
Kadamai Ganniyam Kattupaadu
Kalathoor Kannamma (Kamal's 1st film. Child Actor)
Kalyaana Maalai
Kalyana Raman
Kanden Seethayai Launched and abandoned in 1996
Kanna Nalama
Kanni Vetri
Kanyakumari (Ma)
Katharina Nimisham (Ma)
Kurudhi Punal: Also called "Droghi"
Kuttavum Shikshayum
Maalai Soodava
Madhanol Savam (Ma)
Madhuraswapnam (Ma)
Magalir Mattum
Manakkanakku : Guest role
Mangala Vadhyam
Mangamma Sabatham
Manmadha Leelai
Maria My Darling
Maro Ahalya
Maro Charithira (Telugu original of Ek Duje Ke Liye)
Matthoru Seetha (Ma)
Mattuvin Chattangale
Meendum Kokilai
Melnaatu Marumagal
Michael Madhana Kaama Raajan (Quadruple roles !)
Mogam Muppadhu Varusham
Moondram Pirai (National Best Actor Award:Remade in hindi as Sadma)
Moondru Mudichu
Muradan (Ma)
My Dear Marthandan : guest role
Naa Pere Durga Nagamohini (Te)
Naam Pirandha Mann
Naan Avan Illai
Naanum Oru Thozhilaali
Nandri, Meendum Varuga : plays himself !
Nayaa Andaz
Nayagan (National Best Actor Award for the second time)
Nee Ente Lahari (Ma)
Neela Malargal
Ninaithaale Inikkum
Nirakudam (Ma)
Nizhal Nijamaagiradhu
Okka Radha Iddaru Krishbalu (Te)
Ormakkal Marikkumo (Ma)
Oru Kaithiyin Diary
Oru Oothaapoo Kann Chimittukkirathu
Paarthaal Pasi Theerum
Paasavalai (Tamil Dubbing of Telugu original Subha Sankalpam)
Paddakudhira (Te)
Padhinaaru Vayathinile
Pagadai Pannirendu
Paruva Paalam
Pattaam Poochi
Pattikaatu Raaja
Peyar Sollum Pillai
Poikkaal Kudhirai : as himself, guest
Ponni (Ma)
Prema Pujari Mariyu
Prema Sandesham (Te)
Punnagai Mannan dubbed into Telugu as
Dance Master
Pushpaka Vimaanam (Ka)
Raaj Tilak (Hi)
Raaja Paarvai
Ram Lakshman
Raasa Leele (Ma)
Saagar (Hi)
Saagara Sangamam
Sadma (Hindi remake of Moondram Pirai)
Sakalakaala Vallavan
Salangai Oli Tamil dubbing of Saagara
Samasya (Ma)
Sanam Teri Kasam(dubbed into Tamil as Paadagan)
Sathi Leelavathi
Sattam En Kayyil
Satyavaan Savitri (Ma)
Shivathaan Dhavam (Ma)
Sigappu Rojakkal
Simla Special
Sippikul Muthu dubbed from the original telugu Swathi Muthyam
Sivappu Kall Mookuthi
Sollathaan Ninaikiren
Somokkadadi Sokokkadadi (Te)
Soora Samhaaram
Sridevi (Ma)
Srinagara (Te)
Subha Sankalpam (Te)
Swathi Muthyam dubbed into tamil as Sippikul Muthu
Swimming Pool (Te)
Thai Illaa Pillai
Thai Illaamal Naan Illai
Thangathile Vairam
Thappu Thaalangal
Thillu Mullui
Thiru Vonam (Ma)
Thoongathe Thambi Thoongathe
Tik Tik Tik
Ullaasa Paravaigal
Unnai Chuttrumulagam
Unnal Mudiyum Thambi (Remade in Telugu as RudraVeena with Chiru)
Uruvangal Maaralaam
Uyarndha Ullam
Vaazhve Maayam
Vaanambadi-as a child artiste
Varumaiyin Niram Sivappu
Vayanadhan Thampan (Ma)
Vazhve Maayam
Velu Thambatyan (Ma)
Vetri Vizha
Viradham (Ma)
Vishnu Vijayam (Ma)
Yaadgar (Hi)
Yeeta (Ma)
Yeh Desh (Hi)
Yeh Tho Kamaal Ho Gaya (Hi)
Zara Si Zindagi (Hi)