~*About Moi*~
~*About Moi*~
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~*About moi*~


Hey my name is Cindy. I am 16 years old. I have light brown hair and it sits on my shoulders. I am 5"5', blue eyes with green around the blue. I don't consider myself skinny as everyone else does but I consider myself thin.

My hobbies are guys haha...I like to play sports just not for my school because my school teams suck lol. I don't mean to be mean but they do. I like to listen to music, I especially like to hang with friends at the mall;) or just anywheres really. If you wanna know more just e-mail me or whatever you wanna do lol.



What it's like to be me @ the school I go to.

My school sucks so bad. I consider myself an outkast even though plenty of people talk to me. I dislike most of the people there because most of the girls are ditzy and crap and it makes me so sick. Most of the guyz are jerks. I don't really talk to many people at my school. I can't relate to the girls there because most of them are too friendly with the guys... but yet they call me a slut for walking up and down the street with my friend...makes TOTAL sense..not really but sure. And the teachers don't even give a poo so yea...but anyways. LOL

Favorite stuff.

Fav. Person: Tyler Brooks! I'm glad I have finally found someone that makes me as happy as you make me:) Your special to me...I hope I never lose you! I don't know what I would do with myself if I did lose you! I REALLY hope nothing gets in the way of our relationship:D:D:D Later babe.
Fav. Movies: Titanic, any Adam Sandler & Robin William movies.
Fav. Food: Chicken & Cold Pizza:)
Fav. Singers: Christina Aguilera, J Lo, Jewel, Eminem, Ludacris, Rob Zombie, Shania Twain
Fav. Bands: TRAINWRECK, SEETHER, EMPTYHEAD, Live, Godsmack, System Of A Down
Fav. TV Shows: The Simpsons, Joan Of Arcadia.
Fav Drink: PEPSI
Fav. Sport: Tie between Basketball and Football.
Fav. Animal: TIGER
Fav. Subject: French
Type of Music: Rock, Metal, Rap, some country, some oldies..SOME, Pop.
Type of Movies: Scary, Comedy...basically anything.
Person I admire most: Muh sis and parents!
Fav. Profession: Lawyer or a Singer...but mostly a laywer.
Fav. Actors: Robin Williams, Adam Sandler, Will Smith
Fav. Actresses: Julia Roberts, Halle Berry, Drew Barrymore, Angelina Jolie(has a perfect body! wish I had it!!), Lucy Liu(is soo cute!! lol), Julia Stiles and Reese Witherspoon!