Sum of muh friends
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Sum of muh friends

I love meh friends! They mean alot to me! :)


*Tyler Brooks* - Hey hun...wassup? U r sooo hilarious! U keep me laughing even when I don't even want to laugh! U manage to put a smile on my face every time you come in to see me at work...and neother time lol Ur such a sweetie...Please don't change...for me? wubbles you 

*Aimee Tibbetts* - Ur one of my best friends! I can tell u just about nething! Ur awesome Aim don't change!

*Lyman Messer* - Don't stop being funny! Ur so awesome!

*Kyle Reed* - Ur just as funny as Lyman!

*Shauna Burkhart* - Ur one of my best friends...u have always listened to me! We may have been through sum fights but we still keepin' it real :) 

*Sheena Esancy* - Hey! Ur so cool! Don't change.

*Kelsey Towle* Hey Ur cool too! Don't ever change.

*Jen Cote* - Hey gurl! Sup? I hope u don't let guyz take advantage of ucause that would be badkeep 'er real gurl!

*Jen James* - Hey gurl! Ur funny as hell! Don't let anyone tell u ur fat cause their just jealous!;)

*Angie Burnell* - Word!!!@

*Steve Beaulieu* - Wassup? Ur halarious! Dude...u've become like my best friend...I hope that our friendship doesn't grow apart...cause ur really important to me...especially when I need to talk to someone...ur always there to listen:)

*Kristy McEwen* - Good luck with Jimmy! U guys seem really happy!! :):)

*Tyler Clark* - Hey...u seem pretty cool, a little quiet...but cool. I don't know u that well cause u don't talk to me...and I don't talk to but u seem cool....well....for

*Robbie McNamee* - Hey! Sup? Ur cool and funny as hell! Don't change!

*Mike DeWitt* (AKA-Mikus) - hey Mike! Wassup? Ur awesome dude...Ur the coolest and u know it! Lol So yea...I wish u would watch ur health! Cause if nething happens to u I'm gonna miss ya! :( Like wicked...ur so awesome Mikus! :) But anywayz... talk to u later dude. Ciao

*Robbie Dionne* - LOL!

*Adam Fantasia* - Thanks for being my friend! Ur always there for me. Sum-times I dunno why but thanks Adam!

*Ashley Kish* - SUP GURL! Get better soon!:( I hope all of ur wishes come tru! That would be awesum!:)

*Stephanie Dorsey* Hey hun! U r so damn lucky! lol Ur so cool! And ur so cute! lol I luv ya!

*Nicole* - Ur cool when u want to be. Other times Well I dunno lol. *COUGHBITCHCOUGH*

*Shyla Grant* - I MISS U GIRL! I member coming to u like everyday with sum kinda problem & u would always listen & give advise! Ur like my BESTEST friend!

*Tiffany Davenport* - Ur awesome Tiff. Don't let ne1 bring u down!

*Tom* - U've been like a bro to me! I don't know u in person but I feel as if I've known u for a while & wow...thanks for ur advice & comfort. U r so nice! NE girl is lucky to have u! Whether u believe me or not!

*ROBERT GOLD!!* - Hey!! haha I LOVE picking on u! Ur so easy to pick on! lol but most of what I say don't take seriously! I'm only messin with ya! Ur cool! Ciao.