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Clara's Page

Clara wrote on August 1, 2001:
Kevin's baseball team finished 3rd in the Mid-Atlantic Finals & we drove
down to DE for all but one of the games. The boy's played very well & tried
very hard. I am proud of them all. Of course they were sad to lose & there
were a few tears (after all, they are only 10!), but they all trooped back to the
Holiday Inn & together with their coaches, jumped into the pool with their
uniforms on. It was a hilarious & fine way to have some final fun.

Kevin at bat.
Kevin's team waiting to be introduced.
He is #16, next to the coach #17.
The Casablanca lilies! That's one I'm holding. From the 3 bulbs
I bought last year., there were 17 flowers this year.
Here is our newest "Grand-dog", a golden retriever named
Nellie Grace, born in mid April. She lives in Milwaukee with
Robert and Peg. I hope I can see her before she's all grown up.

Nellie with outside water dish - Also a favorite play thing! Picture

Robert with Nellie getting her first bath. Picture

My husband Paul is on the left and I'm on the
right. The picture was taken at the Marshall
Lab Analytical group picnic in August of '98.
My son Robert and I at Wrigley field, June 1998.

Emily and Kevin are my daughter Sue's children.

. . . . Then . . .

Emily Whitaker, 1996 - Age 3. Kevin Whitaker, 1996 - Age 5

. . . . And Now . . . .

Emily Whitaker, 1998 - Age 5. Kevin Whitaker, 1998 - Age 7.

Arielle and Sam are my daughter Ruth's children.

Arielle Weil, 1998 - Age six. Sam Weil, 1998 - Age 7

The Dogs in My Life

This is the Most Beautiful Dolly Dog. The bandana photos were taken as she celebrated July 4th. All were taken last year, I think. She is now 7 yrs. old.

Dolly #2 Dolly #3 Dolly #4

This Shih Tzu is my Granddog Max, so named because when he arrived Arielle couldn't spell words with more than 3 letters!
He's now a year old and a real love.

Max #1 Max #2

This Yellow Lab is my Grand-Goddog Zoe (pronounced "Zo-ee"), who lives in Milwaukee next to my son Robert & his wife Peg. Since they are her official godparents, it was decided the Zoe must be my Grand-Goddog...(Just thinking-should she be my God-Granddog???). The picture was taken in June '98 when she was about 3 months old.

Grand-Goddog Zoe

Some garden pictures:

The little garden picture shows my hibiscus plants (Southern Belle).
I am really pleased with them as I started them from seed last Jan. & nearly all survived.
The Dixie Belles have smaller flowers & the first one came out after we took this picture. The plants in the front are
White Impatiens - came back really well after a late spring rabbit feast! The others are "Polka Dot Plant"- I don't know the real name. Impatiens & polka dots came from plants via Produce Junction.

Note: The Southern Belle flower in the picture measured between 9 1/2 and 10 inches in diameter.

Groups I'm interested in -

Canine Companions for Independence (CCI)

Here is a photo of the CCI booth at the Horse & Pet Expo which was held at the Expo Center, Fort Washington, PA, Feb. 1998.

This photo was taken at the PETCO store in Warminster where the manager is presenting a check to CCI volunteers. About $ 13,000 was raised in the "Pat-the-Bunny" program (Clara in center).
That's puppy-in-training CHRYSTAL "checking out the check!"

The Phila. A's Historical Society -""

This is a shot of their booth at the Sportsfest held at the Convention Center in May , 1998. Here's a photo of Eddie Joost and me.

Clara, Bobby Shantz and John Addison, taken at the A's Reunion Breakfast in Nov. 1997 at the Warrington Inn.

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