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Anne and Bill Simons at the Lincoln Cathedral.


Well here they are the first photos of the historic meeting of Helena
and John Cobb with Anne and Bill Simons just outside the Lincoln cathedral.

Luckily, I had phoned Cobby the morning before we started out and he
suggested that we meet at the Western parking lot. Anne and I, of
course, ended up parking at the Eastern gate lot and would have
stayed there looking for the Cobbs to no avail.

All's well that ends well.

We saw the Lincoln castle, the cathedral and the Magna Charta as
well as a "modern" art show and a book sale (Anne bought an antique

We had a very nice meal at the Lawn complex restaurant (Cobby and I
had the steak and kidney pudding) and a very good time was had by all.

Unfortunately, most cathedrals and all castles are built on the top of a
steep hill, huff and puff for old Bill!!




(L-R) Helena, Cobby and Anne, (L-R) Bill, Helena and Cobby in
front of the Lincoln cathedral.


More to come,