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What's New at the Sinop Site


10/21/99 - Lots of new stuff on Jimmy Carter's page, new Tortured Turkish email.

10/20/99 - New mail in the Mailbag, lots of new pictures on John Rinehold's page.

10/17/99 - Amusing text on Jimmy D. Carter's page, new mail in the Mailbag.

10/08/99 - New messages on the Tortured Turkish page, The Dogs of Det 4
and in the Mailbag.

10/5/99 - New mail in the Mailbag,
New picture of the Connie 121 on the Army Aircraft page.

10/1/99 - A new page has been set up for Jim Bailey, Aug. '60-Aug. '61.

9/30/99 - New mail in the Mailbag and new text on John Rinehold's page.

9/15/99 - Roger Habeck has written about the availability of ASA patches and crests. You can find his message on the Bulletin Board page.

9/10/99 - A picture of the RDF site at Det. 4 on John Rinehold's page.

9/7/99 - New L-20 photos on the Army Aircraft Page.

9/5/99 - New mail on the Tortured Turkish Page/new photos on Hal Winkler's page.