Rena Mero in her brunette days.

Sable is the wrestling name of Rena Mero. Rena was born on August 8, 1967, in Jacksonville, Florida to a very poor family. As a child, she enjoyed riding motorcycles, horses, sports, cheerleading, and participating in beauty pageants. In her teen years, Rena became active in swimming and gymnastics, as well. She eventually left home, marrying and bearing a child, but saw her marriage end when her husband died in a tragic car accident. In time, she turned to modeling, working for L'Oreal, Pepsi, and Guess Jeans. She was also briefly linked romantically to country singer Billy Ray Cyrus at this time. Then in 1993, she met her current husband, Marc Mero, and married him in 1994. When Marc went to the WWF in search of a job, his wife accompanied him and was hired on the spot. Thus, "Sable" was born. Sable enjoyed enormous popularity from 1997-1999, before leaving and filing a sexual harassment lawsuit on the company. During the next few years, Rena tried her hand at acting, appearing in TV show, as well as several low budget skin flicks. She eventually returned to wrestling as the CEO of the Xtreme Wrestling Federation, but that gig was short-lived. Then in April of 2003, Sable made her shocking return to the WWE. Only time will tell what is next for the always-daring diva.

Sable's Biography

Sable made her WWF debut in 1996 at Wrestlemania XII, where she served as Triple H's valet to the ring. After losing his match, Triple H blamed his sexy escort and began treating her like shit. Luckily for Sable, the "Wildman" Marc Mero came to her rescue, beginning a great partnership. Sable served as Mero's girlfriend and manager, eventually helping him to the Intercontinental title. During this time, the pair feuded with the likes of Goldust and Luna. But things began to sour when Mero injured his knee and missed significant time. During his absence, Sable began to dress and pose more provocatively than ever before. As a result, she saw her popularity soar, rivaling that of the WWF's biggest male superstars. By the time Mero returned from his injury, his girlfriend's popularity had far eclipsed his. On May 2, 1998, Mero defeated Sable in a "Loser-Leaves-the-WWF" match, signaling the end of her brief wrestling career."

But this was short-lived. Sable soon made her return to the WWF, where it was revealed that she had done Mr. McMahon a "favor" (she slept with him) to get her job back. Upon her return, she found herself locked in a heated feud with Mero and his new valet, Jacqueline, which culminated at a Bikini Contest at Fully Loaded '98. It was here that Sable shocked the world by going topless save for painted hands on her tits, earning a disqualification in the process. Sable and Jackie had several battles, including Survivor Series '98, where Sable managed to win the Women's Championship from her rival. One of their more memorable matches was at Capital Carnage in the UK. It was there that Sable stripped the shirt right off of Jackie's back, exposing her bare breasts to the raucous crowd. After this, the feud pretty much died down.

As Sable grew more and more popular, the world began to take notice of the WWF's resident bombshell. In time, Playboy came calling, and she posed nude twice for them. But something began to happen to her, she began to grow cocky and arrogant. To combat the other women wrestlers, she hired a bodyguard named Nicole Bass to watch her back. Bass was instrumental in defeating Tori at Wrestlemania XV, a match in which Sable barely lifted a hand. She eventually lost her title in a controversial evening gown match in which she stripped Debra to her bra and panties, seemingly winning. But Commissioneer Shawn Michaels came out and reversed the decision, giving the title to Debra instead. It would be the last we'd see of Sable for quite some time.

Sable made her shocking WWE return nearly 4 years later on the April 3, 2003 edition of Smackdown. Torrie Wilson decided to have a celebration over being chosen to pose in Playboy, a celebration which Sable arrogantly interrupted. This began a mini-feud between the two Playmates, which led to a Bikini Contest at Judgment Day. Though most viewers would say Sable won, the judge declared Torrie the winner. With that feud seemingly over, Vince McMahon appointed her Assistant to the Smackdown General Manager, Stephanie McMahon. One of her first acts as Assistant was to flash her tits during an arm-wrestling contest, giving Mr. McMahon the win over Hulk Hogan. It was also revealed at this time that Sable was sleeping with McMahon, a fact that didn't sit well with Stephanie. This led to a feud between the women. On the July 24th, 2003 episode of Smackdown, in perhaps one of the most shocking moments in the program's history, Stephanie attacked Sable and ripped her top completely off, exposing her bare tits on the Titantron screen to all the audience in attendance. The uncensored clip also made its way to the Internet, where it is now one of the most downloaded wrestling files. A few days later at the Vengeance PPV, Sable defeated Stephanie McMahon in a catfight after interference from A-Train. The grateful woman then rewarded A-Train by sleeping with him. Then at Summerslam, after accompanying him to the ring, she was attacked by Stephanie. She currently is still involved in this feud with Stephanie, with Vince's wife Linda recently joining the fray. Where will this feud go next? Stay tuned to Smackdown every week!

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