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Puberty is the bridge between being a kid and becoming an adult. As you cross this bridge, your body and your feelings change a lot. You also may feel differently about your family, friends and classmates-and view the things that they do in whole new ways. You may feel like changing what you do with them, the way you dress and the things you talk about. These differences are called "social" and "behavioral" changes.

Puberty means major changes, but is simply your body's transition from childhood to adulthood. You may even begin to wonder where you fit in the world. But these many physical and emotional changes are NORMAL!


Emotional Changes

Along with the many physical changes your body will go through, you will also experience many emotional changes. Most of these emotional changes are a result of all the physical changes and trying to adjust. Look for some of these signs:

Signs of Reaching Puberty
Your first menstruation, or period, is a sign that you have reached puberty. This is a normal sign that occurs in ALL healthy girls. Menstruation lets you know you have a normal, functioning reproductive system.

Pads (worn inside the underwear) should be changed every four to five hours at least. Overnight pads should be changed every eight hours. Keeping them on longer can cause a foul odor. By the way, you can't get TSS*  from pads. Buying extra tampons or pads is a good idea so that they are on hand whenever you need them. Have some at home, but don't forget to take some with you to school in a purse or a book bag, and keep them anywhere else you may need them. If your menstrual period comes on suddenly or when you're not home, you will always have something available to absorb the flow. Thinking ahead and being prepared can really save you a lot of potential embarrassment.

Your period is something you eventually appreciate as a symbol of your womanhood. Again, everything about your period is normal- all women have gone through the same thing!

TSS- Toxic Shock Syndrome is a very rare but serious illness that can kill. Even though it is rare it is best to know about it so you can take action if you think you have it.

TSS can occur in men , women and children but about one half of all the cases of TSS occur in women who are menstruating, and this is usually associated with using tampons. Don't worry though- remember this is an extremely rare illness.

To put your mind at rest her are some of the symptoms to look out for .

 The symptoms are similar to flu, and include: A high fever, vomiting , diarrhoea ,  a rash similar to sunburn, dizziness, muscle aches , fainting or feeling faint.

Any of these symptoms could be an indication of TSS, though you may not experience them all.

How to reduce your risk of TSS