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Shadow & Rouge ~ Image Gallery
Shadow the Hedgehog images



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This is the Shadow the Hedgehog image gallery ^_^ Enjoy X3 And oh, some of the animation are big file ^^;; So, wait patiently for them to load =3 And for sprites, animations, and banners made by others peoples X3 , respect them...give them credit if you're going to use them. ^^

TOTAL = 28


shadow_arms.gif ~~~ Cool pose ^^
Shadow_look.jpg ~~~ He is looking at you X3
Shadow_only.jpg~~~ Looking again Shad? XD
Shadow_stand.jpg ~~~Umm..just standing.
Shadow_transparent.gif ~~~SA2 pose
ShadowX_Smile.jpg ~~~ Love this screenshot XD (from Sonic X)
shadow_sonicXpose.jpg ~~~ Shadow's Sonic X Pose. Cool! X3
shadow_dark.jpg ~~~ Shadow is in the dark...
shad_sonicBattle.jpg ~~~ Shadow Vs. Sonic (Sonic X)
shad_ChaosControl.jpg ~~~ Ready to use the Chaos Control!
shad_ChaosControl_02.jpg ~~~ A more bigger close-up o.o
SuperShad_Sonic.jpg ~~~ Supershadow & Supersonic
shad_run_radical.jpg ~~~ Running in Radical Highway (SA2)
Shadowblue.gif ~~~ The SA2 battle pose, very blue o.o
shadow_chaoscontrol03.jpg ~~~ CHAOS CONTROL!!! Farewell. XP
shadowpower.gif ~~~ Shadow gots the power!
shadowtall.jpg ~~~ He looks tall here ^^;
shadlooksatrouge.jpg ~~~ Shadow hears a voice and looks up, guess who that was hanging upside down? XP
New! heroes_shadow.jpg ~~~ Full picture of "Sonic Heroes" Shadow. ^^

Sprites, Animation, & Banners

Shadow_teleport.gif ~~~ Shadow teleport
shadowblink.gif ~~~ blink, blink, blink X3
shadowemerald.gif ~~~ Shadow has a Chaos Emerald on his hand **
shad3frame.gif ~~~ Shadow's name appears, fades away, and Shadow teleports. ^^ Neat! (Made by Sinna Panda) My own bro X3
shad4frames.gif ~~~ I used some Shadow pictures for this animation X3 Shadow...the..Hedgehog!! ^.^ You'll like this one guys X3
shadowrun.gif ~~~ Run Shadow Run!! XD
shadow_turn.gif ~~~ Around and around @-@
ShadUpdates.gif ~~~ This is a update banner. ^^ Use it for above on updates. (Made by Sinna Panda) X3
Shad_Welcome.gif ~~~ A welcome banner X3 (Made by Sarinna Panda *me*)