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Utopia Buildings
These are the buildings of utopia, they will follow the following format:
                                                                                          Official Description (the guide)
                                                                                          My Description
                                                                                          Official Numbers

Homes:            A major and necessary part of your realm, Housing provides your people with quality
                        land on which to live. While all land can and will house a few people, Homes bring in
                        quite a few more peasants than other options.
                        These house your people, these are extremely important because they give you money,
                        and a large population to draft soldiers from, you should have from 27-30% of your
                        land in homes. The major downside to homes is they can be attacked by magic and
                        thieves, so if you can't protect them, you better have another source of income.
                        Houses 50 People

Mines               Because mining is a fairly stable and self-sufficient operation, Mines provide you with a
                        small but steady source of income that is not affected by your population or economy as
                        a whole.
                        Mines are protected from thieves and magic, and therefore are a more stable form of
                        income. Since money is everything, its a good idea to have some of these.
                        Earns $40 Per Day (Max 10% of Land)

Plazas              By building Plazas for the peasantry to build their own stores, shops, and markets, you
                        can employ more people within your lands and thus increase your potential tax revenues.
                        These buildings help you to achieve full employment within your lands by employing
                        about four times the people of an average building (except Homes, which employ no
                        These help employ your peasants, so if your employment rating is low, you need more
                        of these. The problem with plazas is they only employ 2 times as much as other
                        buildings, therefore, there not really worth haveing alot of.
                        Employs 30 People

Farms              Food is vital to the growth of any and every province. Without it, your peasants and
                        military will starve! It is important that you keep an adequate portion of your land as
                        farms, or you will find your province quickly fall to ruins.
                        Farms make food.  If you notice, from your advisors, that you food stores is going
                        down, and your not getting food from another source (ex: plundering or thieves)
                        build more of these. Each peasant eats 1/3 of a food bushel.
                        Produces 60 Bushels Per Day

Mills                Mills are all about building better buildings. Your mills make the building process much
                        more efficient and help you to construct even more buildings much more quickly.
                        Mills make your buildings cheaper.  If your a land fat orc/dwarf, and find building on all
                        your acres is difficult money wise, these could help.
                       Decrease Building Costs by % * 2 (20% Max)

Armouries        Armouries give your men better facilities with which to train themselves into a stronger
                        fighting force. Over long run, this allows to you build better troops at lower costs.
                        Armouries make training millitary cheaper.  These are EXTREMELY important and
                        should always occupy 10% of you land from the very begining.
                        Decrease Training Costs by % * 3 (30% Max)

Barracks          Barracks help train your troops and keep them in better shape. In combat, this allows
                        your men to conduct battle more quickly and return home more hastily.
                        Barracks make your army get home faster.  If you feel you need to attack many more
                        times each day, build these.  However, if you only log on to manage your province
                        once a day, don't build these.
                        Lowers Attack Time by % * 3 (30% Max)

Strongholds      Another source of training and development, Strongholds provide a locale from which
                        your men can learn the most advanced in combat techniques, giving them a unique
                        edge in combat when attacking other provinces.
                        Strongholds make your army fight better on offense.  If you are meeting defeat when
                        you attack, or want to attack bigger provinces, or use less of your army in each attack,
                        build these.
                        Increase Offensive Strength by % * 3 (30% Max

Guard Stations By providing centralized areas to regroup and conduct battle, Guard Stations help to
                        strengthen your defensive capabilities and ensure that your men have every advantage
                        possible defending your lands.
                        These are the same as strongholds, but are for defense instead.  So if you need to beef
                        up your defense, build them.
                        Increase Defense by % * 3 (30% Max)

Banks              By creating a central place for monetary transactions, you can increase the overall
                        efficiency of your economy. Banks help boost overall income -- and thus taxes
                        collection -- in your society.
                        Waste of space, build home/plazas/farms instead.
                        Increase Income by % (No Max)

Hospitals          Hospitals are a valuable way to keep your military in good health. Oftentimes in battle,
                        you will find many of your soldiers wounded, but not killed. Without Hospitals, these
                        men will often perish without treatment. With them, your men may be saved.
                        These are a good building, and you should keep the max. number of them on your land,
                        7.5%. These lower losses in battle, which really can help you, unless if you don't use
                        your army much.
                        Decrease Combat Losses by % * 4 (30% Max)

Guilds               Alas, Wizards are needed to cast your spells, and Wizards can only be trained at these
                        Guilds. Developing a powerful army of Wizards takes time and patience, as well as many
                        of these Guilds.
                        Guilds make wizards, which cast your spells.  Its a good idea to have some of these
                        weither or not you plan to use magic, for wizards protect you from magic.  If you want
                        to be good in magic have at least 10% of you land in guilds.  Also, EACH guild has a
                        1% chance of making a wizards, so if you have 100 guilds you have 100 1% chances,
                        NOT a 100% chance.
                        1% Chance of Training a Wizard Daily

Towers            Your Towers serve as a locale for your wizards and mages to work to develop runes.
                        They allow you to produce runes each day, without regard to your economy or people.
                        These make runes, to cast spells.  If you want to cast lots of spells, build lots of these.  If
                        you have no interest in magic, or get enough runes other ways (ex: plunder and thieves)
                        do not build these.
                        Produces 10 Runes Per Day

Temples           Temples serve as religous centers and offer your mages the ability to cast additional
                        magic. Temples help to improve the efficiency of your mages at casting spells.
                        Not very good.  Towers are better.
                        Decrease Spell Costs by % * 3 (30% Max)

Schools            Schools are vital to making your peasantry smarter and poised for studies in the
                        intellectual arts. Having Schools helps give your people the fundamentals needed
                        to advance in the sciences.
                        Only build these if all your sciences are maxed out and you have land to spare.
                        Otherwise, Universities will be better for you sciences.
                        Increase Science Effectiveness by % * 2 (20% Max)

Universities       The ultimate local for students, your Universities will help provide them the resources
                        they need to learn the arts and sciences that will give your province an edge in the future.
                        If you will research sciences, build these, they make it cheaper.  But if you don't reseach,
                        or get it with the learn attack, don't build these.
                        Decrease Learning Costs by % * 3 (30% Max)

Shipyards         In order to attack provinces on other kingdoms, you will need boats to transport your
                        military. Each shipyard gives you a 1.5% chance to build a boat. You'll need 1 boat for
                        each 100 troops you need to transport. Your shipyards will stop constructing boats
                        once you have enough to carry an army twice your current size.
                        If you want to attack people on other islands, which you'll almost always want to do,
                        you better build some of these.  They build ships just like guilds train wizards.  2-5% of
                        you land is more than enough, depending upon you race and millitary.
                        1.5% Chance of Building a Boat Daily