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Utopia Dwarf Starting Tips & Strats

1) Use all your generals.
2) Keep "miners mistique" spell up.
3) Try to keep up a good thief & wizard to acre ratio if you can.
4) Build mostly elites for defense and offense.
5) Get food, money, runes, and science points from plunder and learn attacks.
6) Never explore, and never attack someone more than twice in one month, unless your at war with them.


Dwarf Day 1
25 homes          *need to put the pop somewhere*
10 mines           *your good with mines, spell wise, and need every penny you can get*
20 armouries     *your elites are expensive, cheapen them up a bit*
25 guilds           *need defensive wizards and Miners Mistique*
18 towers         *need runes for Miners Mistique*
2 shipyards       *for ships, you use elites, so you don't need many*
Day 2   (get bonus)
20 barracks          *more attacks each day*
10 strongholds      *stronger armies*
100 soldiers
50 elites
Day 2 1/2
50 elites
100 soldiers
Day 3
Plunder untill you can draft/trian all millitary
Land grab

Later, try to keep these percents in buildings:

29.5% homes              *large drafting pool*
10% barracks             *more attacks a day*
10% armouries            *cheaper armies*
7.5% hospitals             *fewer losses*
10% +/- guilds             *miners mistique and magic defense*
3% +/- shipyards         *transport armies*
10% plaza                      *employ those dwarfs*
10% gaurdstations/strongholds
10% mines                  *money*
10% strongholds/mills  (strongholds till building costs rise alot)      *better armies/cheaper buildings*
Save extra money and land grab/learn rather than plundering next attacks.

Train at a 1:0:2:2  O:D:E:T ratio.

Don't reseach, use learn attack.

Don't use much magic, just mines mistique, crystal ball and protection sometimes.

Use thieves to spy and defend mostly.

Conduct Plunders till you can build everything, than some Traditional  Marches till you have enough land, with a few learn attacks to keep the sciences high.