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Utopia   Elf  Starting Tips & Strats

1) you are good in thievery, be sure to use it.
2) keep the "natures blessing", "protection", and "raise dead" on your lands as much as possible.
3) do not try to keep up land wise with dwarfs and orcs, for you cannot and it will weaken your thieves/wizards.


Day 1, Elf
20 armouries     *cheap millitary*
20 homes          *people gotta live somewhere*
20 towers          *lots of runes=lots of gold*
15 guilds            *need those wizzards*
20 barracks       *with only 3 generals these help*
5 universities      *these will go up*

Day 2 (Be sure to get the 20 hour bonus)
15 universities      *now there maxed*
5 homes              *more people*
10 guilds             *lots of wizzards*
100+ soldiers (as many as money allows)  *mostly to explore and replace those trained*
50 defense             *to defend you*
75 thieves              *to steal money/runes/etc*
50 offensive           *capture land and other goodies*

Day 2 1/2
up too 100 thieves
up too 75 defensive
up too 100 offensive
rest as soldiers

Day 3
use crystal balls to find targets   *don't want to attack the wrong person*
plunder ONLY                         *you need the money, not the land*
rob the vaults/rob the towers     *again, more money/runes*
save up 300 soldiers and 40,000gc, put the rest into crime & achelemy
sciences                                    *save monies for exploration, sciences are good places for excess monies too*

Day 3 1/2
explore for 100 acres    *its cheaper to explore if you do it in large chunks*
land grab targets            *land grab after you explore for cheaper exploration rates, and you need land now too*
 rob more vaults             *need money to build on land*

  After established, maintain following ratios:
27.5% homes    *people need to live somewhere, this will give you an o.k. peasant base*
10% barracks/strongholds/gaurdstations (whichever you need)    *millitary is important*
10% armouries   *cheaper millitary*
7.5% hospitals    *less millitary losses=more millitary=more NW*
10% +\- guilds    *want magic?  you need wizards*
10% +\- towers   *you need runes too for magic.  if you are plundering/stealing enough runes, build fewer of  these and more guilds*
10% universties/schools (once tech gets high, scrap univ. for schools)   *science is important for you*
15% you choice (i'd go strongholds/gaurd towers, or farms or shipyards)

Put all extra money into sciences.

Reseach crime-achelemy-war-channeleing-housing-food-tools.

Use much magic, exspecially benificial spells.

Use thieves to steal money/food/runes and to get back at enemies.

Use Traditional Marches unless you are running short on monies/runes/food, if you are, plunder for them.