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Utopia Farie Starting Tips & Strats

1) Do not become land fat, and don't expect to have a powerful offensive millitary force.
2) Become skilled with thieves and magic, and be sure to have a large concentration of both to aid you.
3) Train your elite rather than your defensive specialists.
4) Use your benificial magic spells, like natures blessing and protection for example.


Farie Day 1
20 homes       *lots of small faire folk*
20 armouries  *cheaper millitary is important*
30 guilds        *you want to be able to do magic?  if so you need lots of wizards*
20 towers      *lots of runes for magic*
10 plazas       *need to emloy all those wee folk*
Day 2 (get bonus)
20 universities   *cheap science*
10 homes          *lots of small faries need lots of big buildings*
cast spells

Day 2 1/2
continue training and cast spells
Day 3
use thieves to steal lots of money
explore in large chunks
Keep land at % in later part of game

30% homes                            *your 30% will be like 35 with bonus, and thats plenty*
20% plazas                             *need to employ all those faries*
10% armouries                       *cheaper millitary=happy farie*
10% universities/schools  (universities till sciences near max)  *science is efficient and important*
20% magic (towers & guilds)   *depending upon rune supply, magic is one of your strong points*
10% other (farms/shipyards/etc…)    *your choice woopie*
Put money into sciences if you have extra.

Train at a: 1:0:1:2 ratio offensive/defensive/elite/thieves.
Reseach crime-chanelling-achelemy-housing-war-food-tools.

Magic is your No. 1 strength, use it constently.

Use thieves to spy for weak targets, and to steal everything you can.

Land Grab only, your armies can barly manage to get you enough land, let alone anything else.