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Utopia Human Starting Tips & Strats

1) Be careful who you attack.
2) Try to be well rounded in all areas.
3) Don't grow land fat, or compile to much money at one time.


Humans  Day 1
30 homes        *population double each day, need to house them somewhere*
10 mines         *money is your specialty, these will aid you in this*
25 plazas        *need to employ all those people somewhere*
20 armouries   *cheaper millitary*
15 guilds         *wizards for protection*
Day 2   (get bonus)
30 homes        *once again, pop doubles*
train forces
Day 2 1/2
train more
Day 3
Land grab

10% armouries                 *cheap millitary*
10% universities/mills   (universities till sciences get near maxed, then switch to mills)    *all about saving money*
10% guilds/shipyards        *need to attack other islands, and need to protect yourself from magic*
10% mines                        *money is important*
35% homes                      *lots of pop, you need this, trust me*
20% plaza                        *need to emloy those poeple somewhere*
5% farms                         *gotta eat*

Reseach with extra cash

Train at a 2:2:0:1 O:D:E:T ratio.

Reseach Achelemy-Housing-War-Crime-Food-Chanelling-Tools.

Cast Natures Blessing and other benifical spells mostly.

If you can, use your thieves alot.

Buy runes from a farie if you can.
Conduct Traditional Marches mostly.