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Utopia Orc Starting Tips & Strats

1) Attack constenly to keep elites away from home
2) Be sure to have enough defense to protect yourself
3) Do not be afraid to attack anyone, Orc are the strongest offensive race, if there near your NW, you can probably take them.
4) Do not start a full scale war, however, with a magic/thief heavy province.


Orc Day 1
35 homes              *more people*
20 armouries         *cheap millitary*
7 guilds                 *wizards to defend*
3 shipyards            *boats are nice for attacking*
10 plazas                 *employ all your people*
20 strongholds       *strong offensive armies*
5 towers                *crystal ball anyone?*
Day 2 (get bonus)
20 barracks          *attack 3 times a day with these*
10 homes              *more places for people to live*
all soldiers
train armies
Day 2 1/3-2 2/3
continue to train
Day 3
find good target, plunder untill you can train all millitary
land grab
repeat 3-4 times a day
buildings at:
30% homes   *lots of orcs, with a bonus too*
10% plazas    *this helps the extremely low employment rate*
10% guilds     *defensive wizards, and an occasional blood lust*
10% barracks  *3 attacks a day*
10% armouries  *cheap armies*
10% gaurdstations/mills (gaurds till building cost gets high, or skip gaurds)     *defense is important/cheap buildings*
10% strongholds   *strong offense*
10% other (farms/shipyards/etc.)
Save extra money and do fewer plunder attacks next time.

 Train at a 0:2:1:1  offense/defense/elite/thief ratio.

Don't reseach, use learn attack.

Don't use much magic, just crystal ball, bloodlust, and protection sometimes.

Use thieves to spy and defend mostly.

Conduct Plunders till you can build everything, than some Traditional  Marches till you have enough land, with a few learn attacks to keep the sciences high.