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Old News

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Last updated 30 Jun 01

11 Jun 01 Updates and/or corrections have been made to the entire site. This week's "feature" is the profile on Tessaril Winter and her tower. Next week will feature a profile on Patriarch Charisbonde "Trueservant" Belon of the House of the Morning.

09 Jun 01 I'm starting to get caught up at work, which means I have more time to spend on this site. The timing couldn't be better, since the new Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting came out last month. Ideally I would like to do a weekly update to this site, continuing on with the townsfolk of Eveningstar, but we'll have to see how it goes. Updates have been made to the following sections: Resources, Welcome to Eveningstar, and Links.

23 Feb 01 The Resources section has been added. Next up is a look at the changes in Eveningstar brought about by the recent war, and some information on Evenors of note in 3E format. Since Bryon Wischstadt has gotten RealmSpeak up and running, it's high time for me to get on the ball as well.

26 Jan 01 The next content to be posted is a separate 'Resources' section, which I am removing from Mellomir's Notes and greatly expanding. This section is focused entirely on those materials that have information about Eveningstar, the Haunted Halls and other locations mentioned in FRQ1 and VGtC. Notice that FRQ1 and VGtC are in purple? Hover your mouse over them and you will see the full name of the product. This is a feature of HTML that I will be implementing throughout the site to aid those who are not familiar with the acronyms commonly used for Forgotten Realms materials. I also fixed a few broken links in the menus. I am going to a laboratory workshop in the UK for a week, so I won't be able to work on the site until I get back.

22 Jan 01 I've finally gotten around to organizing the site into the intended sections and edited some of the content. Still a long way to go, though.

18 Jan 01 I've made a bit of progress on the new content for the site, and I expect have it posted by Monday the the 22nd. Until then, take a look at a 3rd Edition magic item I've come up with here.

02 Jan 01 I *finally* received (and immediately read) my copy of Death of the Dragon and discovered that Eveningstar was not mentioned at all in the book. This means the only source of information currently available about Eveningstar after the war is Into the Dragon's Lair, which provided little information other than the fact that The Lonesome Tankard is *apparently* no more or just not in operation. I sincerely hope to see more in the FR3E setting. To end on a positive note, the war opens up quite a few new adventure possibilities. More to come later.

11 Dec 00 An update for those who still care, if anyone still does after such a long period of inactivity. I am waiting for the 3rd Edition Forgotten Realms Setting hardback to come out, at which time I will pick up where I left off with an all new approach - 'Once More Into the Halls.' The idea is *sort of* like the 2E Return to the Keep on the Borderlands, but hopefully it will be *significantly* higher in quality. Also to be included are the effects of the events portrayed in Death of the Dragon, which you know were drastic if you read the book, and if you haven't you should! I'll post more on the concept of the new approach as time allows.

08 Aug 00 No, I'm not dead, contrary to what the inactivity on this site may suggest. Business travel and other such foolishness has kept me busy, but I hope to get things into swing with this site soon. However, holding your breath while waiting for this to happen is *not* suggested. 8) I did manage to post an NPC that I created for my own campaign to the Forgotten Realms mailing list. If any visitor would like to have his stats, send me an e-mail with 'Regar' in the subject header.

18 Jun 00 A quick update of the goings-on. I'm bogged down with compiling lists of the monsters and mage spells specific to the Realms. The list of monsters can be found at Tym's Monstrous Book, and the list of spells will have its own page as well. Soon, it will be back on track for the Haunted Halls.

05 Jun 00 Urg! As you can tell, I didn't make my deadline, and for that I can only apologize and say that I do take this project seriously. However, until work slacks up a bit the going will continue to be slow. Tripod has a handy feature that will notify you by e-mail when this site is updated (see the link below their advertisement above), and I highly recommend you use this. Please remain patient with me and I promise that you will not be disappointed! Also, I added a few more links. Please take note of the FR3E Conversion Project, headed up by Dr. Martyn Quick. At this time, it is a mailing list only, but Martyn plans on preparing a web page.

29 May 00 My time schedule is getting pretty tight, as I only have 7 more days to get the Eveningstar page posted. Never fear, I'll make the deadline, if only to save my own skin from whips and such. Also, I finally managed to get my hands on a copy of Code of the Harpers for the lowly sum of $51.00 US, and after reviewing it I consider my money well spent. I will be incorporating a few relevant portions from this reference into the site, and an NPC of my own creation will tie it all together.

22 May 00 No more excuses! If I don't have the 'Welcome to Eveningstar' page up by the end of next weekend, then please feel free to invite Kim Moser to visit me with her torture apparati. Those who don't know about Kim's fondness for devices that would make Loviatar wince should follow the Forgotten Realms mailing list more closely. On another topic, I have received no comment on my Eveningstar coat-of-arms, so I'll assume that you all found it to be a 'masterwork of pure genius.' LOL! BTW, I added a few more links to the list below, and did some editing to the 'What's Coming' list.

18 May 00 Just to prove I have been doing something, I have posted my take on Eveningstar's coat-of-arms. I haven't got my link structure in a format I like yet, so just the 'back' button on your browser when you are done looking at the blazon. Of course, there's nothing else to see here yet! 8P

17 May 00 OK, I know what they say about excuses and a certain part of a person's anatomy, but I really have been too busy with work to get any more done on the site. Please bear with me as the project hopefully gets up to speed soon. For the curious, here's a link to the website of the organization I work for in Vienna: The Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization. So when I say I'm busy with work, at least it's something important! 8)

03 May 00 Well, I obviously didn't meet the 29 Apr 00 target for new content. I have a good excuse, however—a picnic with a very cute red-haired young lady from Finland! HOODY HOO! Regardless, the page for Eveninstar is almost finished, and I have decided to join the Realmslore webring managed by Candlekeep. I have also decided to give style sheets a try for fewer layout and format hassles. BTW, any text presented in a 'gray box' is quoted from a canon Realms source.

22 Apr 00 The site has been moved from Easy Space to Tripod, since the former decided to reduce my former 25mb of webspace down to nearly zero. I'm still working on the format of the site, but I AM working on it. Hopefully it should be ready by next weekend, the 29 Apr 00.

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