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Warnings; Language, Yaoi, Yuri, lemon, light bondage, angst, references to NCS and child abuse. (Nothing too graphic though)

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"Denotes speaking"

*denotes thoughts*

As soon as Bulma and Chi-Chi made it in the door, Chi-Chi grabbed Bulma and pushed her gently against the wall, her lips seeking, finding, tasting at long last. *I've waited too long for this, I'm not going to wait any more.* she thought. As she gently moved her lips over Bulma's, her tongue darted out and flicked across her lower lip, seeking entry, which was immediately given. Their tongues danced, neither trying to dominate, just rubbing, taking turns gently exploring each others mouths, running over lips, teeth, inside, and back to twirl around each other once again. Chi-Chi moaned into Bulma's mouth as she felt her hands sliding up under her dress, gently kneading her buttocks, then dropping down to slide up and stroke her inner thighs. Her legs began to tremble as fingers caressed her through her panties, then slid under the elastic.

"I think we should go to bed now," she said softly, her voice unsteady.

"Why bother?" Bulma whispered as her lips worked their way down along her jaw, "That couch looks pretty comfy to me." With that, she gently pushed Chi-Chi back until the arm of the couch hit the back of her thighs. With a squeal, she fell back and landed spreadeagle with Bulma coming down right on top of her.

Bulma slowly pushed up the hem of Chi-Chi's dress, caressing her thighs lightly as she went, before hooking her fingers into the waistband of her panties sliding them over her buttocks with agonizing slowness. Just as she had them to her knees, Bulma paused to gently run her fingernails over Chi-Chi's bottom, admiring the soft silky skin, before letting her fingers trail down to trace long, tickling lines down the back of her thighs. Her eyes widened as Bulma's fingers brushed against her labia, running up and down, before sliding inside her hot slick passage.

She moaned and bucked her hips against the probing finger inside her, silently begging for more. She whimpered as the hand was suddenly taken away, nothing but cool air caressing her flushed skin,

"What are you waiting for?" she ground out, sitting up preparing to drag her lover back down on top of her.

"Just removing a few, umm.....obstacles?" Bulma gave her a feral smile before pulling her dress over her head, leering down at her in nothing but a pair of pale blue high cut panties.

"Oh, good idea." Chi-Chi grinned back as she flung off her own dress, and Bulma quickly divested both of them of their underwear. Chi-Chi moaned as Bulma resumed exploring her body with her lips and tongue, kissing her way down her neck and running her tongue along her collarbone.

"Ahh, don't stop, please..." she groaned as Bulma slowly made her way down to her breasts, laving attention on first one hard nipple, then the other, licking, sucking and kissing her breasts until she was writhing and trembling beneath her. She moaned again, her hands tangling in Bulma's hair as she began firmly suckling on her right breast, and gently kneading the other.

"You're so beautiful." Bulma whispered as she moved her mouth to her other breast. Chi-Chi shivered as Bulma's hand dropped between her legs once again, stroking her labia, stopping just short of touching that oh-so-sensitive nub that would send her over the edge.

"P..please Bulma, touch me." she whimpered.

Bulma felt her self control slipping at the whispered plea, and her thumb slid up to press against the small bundle of nerves. Chi-Chi cried out at the touch, her hips bucking involuntarily as she reached up and slid her fingers into Bulma's long hair as she wrapped a leg around her waist. Bulma's head lowered as she darted her tongue across her lover's lower lip, then kissing her deeply, exploring, teasing, enjoying the moans her touch drew. She smiled against the other woman's lips as she felt her beginning to tremble beneath her, muscles tensing, panting, her hands grasping Bulma's shoulders tightly. Chi-Chi gasped as two fingers thrust into her, probing, seeking, and finally finding her G-spot. She began to thrash and writhe beneath Bulma, breath ragged, eyes squeezed shut, teeth clenched as the talented hands mercilessly pushed her to the edge.

"Uhh.. Bulma" she moaned, voice husky, "oh, god, yes, uhh.. don't stop, please....BULMA!!" she screamed as waves of pleasure flooded through her body, she wrapped her arms tightly around Bulma, trembling, heart pounding and breathing shakily. They lay there, arms and legs entwined, for several minutes.

Suddenly, Chi-Chi asked "Wait a minute, what about you?"

"Mmmm, what about me?" Bulma asked, looking down at her through hooded eyes.

"Well..." Chi-Chi began with a hungry look in her eyes, "let's see what we can do to take care of your needs." She grabbed Bulma's hips, and flipped her down onto the couch beneath her, resting her hips between Bulma's parted thighs, "How's this?"

"Oh, it's a good start." Bulma purred, her eyes dark with passion. Chi-Chi's head swooped down and she caught Bulma's lips in a searing kiss as her hand slowly traced intricate patterns on her stomach, making her shiver as the long fingernails lightly raked the sensitive skin.

"Mmm..., yeah, oh that feels so good." Bulma whispered huskily as Chi-Chi's mouth traveled down the smooth column of her throat, sucking and licking the soft, pale skin. Chi-Chi's mouth made it's way down to Bulma's breasts with torturous slowness, stopping along the way to trace her collarbone with her tongue, then over to nip gently at her shoulder, Bulma gave a frustrated groan, reaching up to gently cup the back of her head and guide her mouth to where she wanted it, but Chi-Chi resisted with an evil sounding chuckle.

"Tell me what you want." she growled, one hand coming up to squeeze a soft, round breast before gently pinching the hardening nipple, drawing a low moan from her lover.

"Tell me," she growled again, rolling her hips against her, pinching the nipple a little harder.

"Uhh..." Bulma moaned, her hands running up and down Chi-Chi's smooth back, "I want you to..." she grabbed the sides of Chi-Chi's face and gently guided her down to her breasts, her fingers tightening in her hair, "please," she whispered.

Chi-Chi gave in, more from her own still screaming hormones than her new lover's pleas, she licked at one tight hard nipple, pinching the other between thumb and forefinger. Bulma cried out sharply, and the sound spurred her on. She drew a nipple into her mouth and sucked hard, gently kneading the other breast, reveling in the gasps and moans elicited from the now trembling woman beneath her. As she moved her mouth to the other breast, her hand slowly, teasingly trailing down her stomach, making it's way to the junction between Bulma's thighs, both women shivered in anticipation.

Suddenly, in a move so fast Bulma could barely follow it, Chi-Chi slid her body down the couch, down her body, until her face was level with the thatch of blue hair between Bulma's parted thighs. Bulma gasped in suprise, her eyes widened, then darkened with desire as she realized what her lover had in mind.

"Yes, please Chi-Chi, I want you to, do it please!" she begged. Chi-Chi smirked, sliding a finger along her labia, teasing, before sliding the finger inside her. Bulma whimpered softly as her lover's finger probed inside her, searching, and she gasped as it hit her G-spot. Hips bucking, back arching, Bulma moaned, her fingers tangling in Chi-Chi's hair,

"Oh, God, Chi-Chi..." she gasped as her lover's head lowered, her tongue and lips now also working to bring her to the edge, until with a keening wail she came, her body writhing, heart pounding, as pleasure seared through her. They lay twined together for several minutes, starting to doze off.

Suddenly, they heard voices approaching the house.

" I don't know! I thought I heard a scream!" Mirai Trunks' voice was coming from the hill.

"I didn't hear anything," Chibi Trunks whined, "I bet you're just sayin' that so you don't have to watch us anymore!"

"Yeah, you just don't wanna let us play anymore!" chimed Goten

"IT'S NOT FAIR!!" Both boys shouted in unison.

"No, wait, Trunks is right," Gohan tried to soothe the boys tempers, " I thought I heard Bulma's voice!"

"Calm down!" Mirai Trunks shouted, "I want to check on Mom, and if she's o.k., we can go right back up there and you can play alright? Mom? " His voice was now coming from the step, "Are you alright?"

"Uhhh...yeah! Just fine Trunks, why?" Bulma's voice was quavering as she and Chi-Chi desperately struggled to get back into their own clothes. The doorknob began to turn.

"I thought I heard a scream, and I wanted to make sure you were both alright." Chi-Chi grabbed a hairbrush off the end table and quickly ran it through her hair, Bulma pulled a brush from her purse and did the same. Just as they managed to get themselves straightened up, the door swung open to reveal Gohan and Trunks standing in the doorway wearing almost identical expressions of concern.

"Are you sure everything's alright?" Trunks asked, his eyes sweeping the interior suspiciously,

"Yes, everything is just fine, uh, Bulma just saw a big spider in the kitchen, but we chased it out." Chi-Chi stammered, looking at Bulma.

"Oh right, yeah!" She agreed, "Just a big, fat ugly spider!"

"Oh, OWW!" Trunks jumped as Chibi Trunks stomped on his foot.

"We came down here just for some dumb spider?" He glared up imperiously at the larger Trunks, arms crossed and scowling, in an almost flawless imitation of their father.

"Let's go!" Goten grabbed his arm and they flew off together. Gohan looked at his mother uncertainly.

"It's alright boys," Chi-Chi assured them again, "go on back to whatever you were doing."

"Alright. But just call us if anything else happens." Trunks said. "Come on, Gohan."

As soon as the boys flew off, Bulma raced over to the door, slammed it, and leaned against it, her face nearly white with shock.

"I didn't think they'd hear that!" she gasped.

"I guess it's like Goku always says, those big Saiyan ears." Chi-Chi mused, "maybe we'd better wait to continue until they're all in bed, and then we'll slip out somewhere." both women eyed each other slyly, then made their way to the kitchen for coffee, amidst much fondling and kissing.

Back at the island...

Goku leaned back in his chair, an intensely satisfied smile on his face.

"Wow, that was great! I'm stuffed!" He said and let out a rather large belch.

"Yes, it was good." Vegeta agreed, smirking.

"But if we keep eating like that, we'll only be here for one day instead of three because we ran out of food." he continued, watching Goku carefully.

"Huh?!" The front legs of Goku's chair slammed back down to the floor as he leaned forward suddenly, nearly panic-stricken *No! I wanted these three days alone together with him!* Vegeta flung his head back and laughed at his startled expression.

"Fooled you didn't I, Kakkarot? One day instead of three?" He vanished from his chair and instantly reappeared behind Goku, his hands massaging his shoulders gently. "No, don't worry," he purred into Goku's ear, " I wouldn't let anything interfere with these next few days, I've waited too long to get you alone like this." Vegeta nibbled gently on Goku's earlobe, his hands sliding over Goku's shoulders and down to play with his nipples, chuckling softly when they hardened instantly. "Hmm... eager to get started I see."