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David Von Erich


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David Von Erich

Wrestler: David Von Erich

Real Name: David Atkinson

Birthday: July 22,1958

Hometown: Denton, Texas

Marital Status: Married at time of Death

Height & Weight: 6'7" - 235lbs

Trained by: Fritz von Erich

Debut: 1978

Finishing Move: The Claw

Favorite Moves:

Also Known As: The Yellow Rose of Texas

Notable Feuds: The Caveman

Bill Berger

Larry Zbyszko

Johnny Valiant


Jim Garvin

Harley Race


# NWA (World Class) Texas Tag Team titles (2);

# NWA (World Class) American Tag Team title;

# NWA (World Class) World Tag Team titles;

# NWA (World Class) 6-Man Tag Team titles (2);

# World Class Texas Heavyweight title (6);

# All Japan All-Asian Tag Team titles;

# NWA (All Japan) United National Heavyweight title;

# NWA Southern Heavyweight title;

# (Florida) North American Tag Team title w/Dory Funk;

# Florida Television title;

# NWA Missouri Heavyweight title;

# NWA World Tag Team title;

# David von Erich became the first von Erich brother to become a wrestler and was voted 3rd place for rookie of the year..

# August 15, 1977: Harley Race (NWA World Champion) wrestled David von Erich to a 30:00 time limit draw!

# February 10, 1984: David von Erich (25) was found dead in Japan, the victim of acute enteritis, a severe inflamation of the intestines..

# David von Erich was given a hero's send off complete with a song entitled "Heaven Needed a Champion"..

# Conspiracy theorists feel that the Enteritis cause of death was a cover and David actually died of a drug overdose but thats not true, davids stomach ruptured in the middle of the night, bill irwin was the last too see david before he called his wife. david had not been feeling well before he left for japan & his Grandmother didn't want him too go but he had this obligation too wrestle because the vonerichs were very big in japan. it was not a drug overdose or any of that, it was an accident!!!!!!

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