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Additional blog links of interest:


School blogs:    Meriwether Lewis Elementary School

                        Conners Emerson School

                        Hunterdon Central Regional High School


Teacher blogs:   Carmack’s Critters

                        Senior English

                        Speaking of History...


Administrator blogs:       Principal’s Quest (no longer updated, but still worth reviewing)

                                    Educational Technology by Tim Lauer (principal,

                                    Meriwether Lewis Elementary School)

                                    Principal's Blog by Kevin Crotchett (principal, Forest Park Elementary School)       

School Administrators and Blogging (Susan's blog)


Student blogs:   Class Web Logs (Willowdale Elementary School blog list)

Room 208 (3rd and 4th grade students)

                        Sarah, Plain and Tall (writing project)



Web-top applications



Additional online survey generator links of interest:




ProfilerPro (for the slightly more adventurous)

Survey Library: ProfilerPro







Feeling adventurous?


Some of these sites will be easier to try out using a computer you have regular access to (e.g., del.icio.us provides buttons to add to your toolbar and the noise factor may make it difficult to try out Odeo). However, if you can’t wait, you’re welcome to explore these sites on your own! Be sure to visit ‘About’ and ‘Help’ areas for more information.


Social media




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New phones



Web-top applications



  • Writely (www.writely.com): Online word processor that allows document sharing and simultaneous editing




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