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HCPSS: Afternoon Agenda

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Welcome and Introductions
Challenges Related to Technology Implementation
  • Find a partner and discuss the two challenges you identified.
  • Identify your greatest challenge.
  • Click here to blog your greatest challenge and its possible cause. 
  • Review blog posts.
  • Group discussion.


Digital Immigrants, Digital Natives


  • Blog your examples of digital accents


Levels of Technology Use (Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow Report)


  • You may download two templates and step sheets to use when planning and observing technology-based lessons at the ISTE online bookstore

Look for the Technology Supported Lesson Plan and Technology Supported Lesson Observation templates. The step sheets are found in the Chapter excerpt.


  •  Video: Promising Practices: Recognizing and Supporting Teaching with Technology (SERVE, (800) 352-6001)


The Essential Conditions

  • Click here to take a survey.


Resources for Technology Integration




Web 2.0 Resources


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