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CPS PTLI: 5th Session

Agenda for June 1, 2006




Agenda overview



PTLI Survey


         Click here to take the survey.



Action plan sharing



Team work: Six questions for action plan


         Click here to access the wiki. (Password: cpsptli)

         Click on the Action Plan Template link to download the file.

         Work with your team to answer the six questions.

         Upload your file to your team’s Action Plan (Module 8) wiki page. See handout for directions.



Individual work



PTLI Skills Post Survey


Blue, Red, and Green Cohorts: Click here to complete the PTLI Skills Post Survey.


Orange and Purple Cohorts: Click here to complete the PTLI Skills Post Survey.


The results of this survey will be used to measure growth in participants' technology-use skills. Please complete by June 7, 2006.



Making the most of your ISTE membership



Next steps


         Final due date: June 23

         Minimum requirements to continue in PTLI Year 2


1.       Individual Plan Reviews (Technology and SIPAAA)

2.       Plan Commonalities and Differences (Technology and SIPAAA)

3.       Action Plan (six questions and 2-3 Action Steps)

4.       Collect and post at least one artifact for each action step (may be a posted file or a brief reflection statement)


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