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Classroom Observation Tools

Classroom observations of technology infused lessons are extremely useful tools because they enable administrators to document actual events and have more validity than self-reports. Use the tools below in preobservation conferences (Technology Infused Lesson Plan) and during observations (Technology Infused Lesson Observation) when gathering information about how technology is being used, and how well technology is being used in classrooms.


Step Sheets for Technology Infused Lesson Plan and Technology Infused Lesson Observation templates

These templates and step sheets are from The Electronic Briefcase for Administrators: Tools and Templates.

When downloaded, the two forms will not be locked. To lock them and get the maximum benefit of the Form feature of Word, follow steps 6-8 in the step sheets.

Middle School Challenges: This outline reflects the brainstorming done by the middle school group on June 25, 2003.

Essestial Conditions for Effective Technology Integration: This is an outline of the PowerPoint presentation used during the concurrent sessions at the Wisconsin School Leadership Academy. The file is a Word document.

Please note: When accessing these files, if a box appears asking for a network password, simply click Cancel and the file will download.