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2006-07 CPS PTLI: Session 2

Online agenda for December 6, 2006.

Desire2Learn Online Community

CPS Principal Competencies


  • Develop and articulate belief system through voice and actions.
  • Facilitate/motivate change


NETS*A Standards


1 - Leadership and Vision: Educational leaders inspire a shared vision for comprehensive integration of technology and foster an environment and culture conducive to the realization of that vision.

3 - Productivity and Professional Practice: Educational leaders apply technology to enhance their professional practice and to increase their own productivity and that of others.

5 - Assessment and Evaluation: Educational leaders use technology to plan and implement comprehensive systems of effective assessment and evaluation.

Goal 1: Principals recognize, support, and assess the use of instructional technology to lead to the enhancement of literacy and mathematics priorities.

  • Objective 1.6: Each principal will complete an activity that introduces the concept of digital immigrants/digital natives.


Goal 2: Principals model technology use to support instruction and assessment.

  • Objective 2.1: Each principal will learn how to access and use the online community.
  • Objective 2.2: Each principal will post his/her vision statement.
  • Objective 2.3: Each team will post its list of data elements.

Membership in Online Communities


Introduction to D2L

  1. Competencies, Standards, and Goals: Using D2L
  2. Module format
  3. Discussion Boards
  4. Value-Added Comments on the Discussion Board
  5. Using the Dropbox
  6. Discussion Board Practice

Practice Module—Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants

  1. Competencies, Standards, and Goals: Practice Module
  2. Resistance to Change
  3. What Is a Digital Immigrant?
  4. Teamwork: List of Data Elements

Online survey

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