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Exploring the Standards

  • Workshop participants work in small groups.
  • Each group explores one of the NETS*A standards using Making Technology Standards Work for You: A Guide for School Administrators, and various online resources. A study tool is provided.
  • Each group then designs an 8-10 minute presentation about that standard to share with other groups.

Clicking on the links at the left enables you to download blank matrices for your own use. Clicking on the links to the right enables you to access participants' work done during the workshop on June 30, 2003. Please remember that this work may be incomplete as groups had limited time. Also, if a window pops up asking for a password, please click Cancel and the file will download.
One of the most comprehensive online tools available to adminstrators is the Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership (TICAL). In addition to online articles and tools, the site features a comprehensive database of resources, organized by the NETS*A Standards. Use this link for any online research your group may decide to conduct.
Additional specific online resources for each standard are also available by clicking here.