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2007-08 CPS PTLI: Session 3

Online agenda for February 6, 2008


Handout: Data Resources Treasure Hunt






Warm-Up Activity

  • Group discussion 


Guided Tour


First Class Web-based application



Chicago Public Schools School & Citywide Reports Web site


  • Overview
  • Review your school’s profile

Guided Activity

Query Tool  


  • Overview of one year and multi-year reports
  • Individual exploration and query
  • Try various queries for your school site


Group reflections and comments.



Guided Tour


Report Documentation  


  • Overview
  • Group exploration
  • Explore the areas of this Web page



Desire2Learn (D2L) Activity

1. Log into D2L and go to Module 5

2. Work alone or with your team members to complete the activities and post to the Discussion


Here are links to the resources in Module 5:

Thinking about Tests and Testing: A Short Primer in “Assessment Literacy.” A straightforward explanation of terms related to high stakes testing.


CPS High School and Elementary School Scorecards: Click on CDS Elementary or CDS High Schools to access directories that include individual school scorecards.


eReport Card Public Site: Hosted by the Illinois State Board of Education, this site features state, district, and individual school eReport Cards.

NCREL Data Tools: A matrix of tools for collecting and analyzing data. A few links are broken, but the matrix is still worth reviewing.


Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership, Data Driven Decision Making resources: Use this one-click matrix to search for and access more than 100 resources related to data driven decision making.


101 Best Web Sites for Principals (pages 25-33): 7 Web sites are listed here, including A Short Primer in “Assessment Literacy.”


Sharing Data Resources

Using a wiki page to create a Webliography (password is cpsptli)


Create Your Own Online Survey

Using SurveyMonkey to create, deploy, and analyze online surveys


Online Survey


Next Steps

Online Modules 6-7 will assist you in

          Completing, administering, and analyzing an online survey (electronic format)

          Making a tentative list of instructional priorities for 2007-08 (electronic format)



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