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SCSC Arkansas History Project 2010-11: Day 1

September 21, 2010



Introduction to wikis

        Wikis in Plain English
        Exploring the possibilities: Hands-on activity   
             Wiki Walk-Through 
             50 Ways to Use Wikis 
The Arkansas History Project wiki 
        Project wiki 
        Unit of study specifications 

        Important deadlines:

        Participants upload background information documents for all three lessons

           prior to related field trip.
        Participants post final lessons (3) by May 7.

Good Page Design 

             The World's Worst Website

             Tips: Good_Style 
             Web Style Guide:A list of reminders

Copyright Issues 

Basic References

     Copyright Basics and the Internet 
     Copyright Quick Reference 
Fair Use and the Creative Commons


                  Fair Use checklist 

                  What is Fair Use? 

                  A Visit to Copyright Bay

                  A Fair(y) Use Tale (video)


                  Creative Commons- Get Creative video 

                  Creative Commons website

                  Creative Commons article 

                  Creative Commons licenses


            Royalty-free Images

                  Google Advanced Image Search  

                  Flickr Creative Commons collection

                  Wikimedia collection


PBWorks skills


Hands-on activity (handout)    

Wiki lesson template

Content development


SMART objectives (handout)

Marzano’s 9 Instruction Strategies for Effective Teaching and Learning

Questioning strategies

      Revised Bloom’s taxonomy

Uploading Word docs to server

Hands-on activity (handout) 

Wrap-Up/Ongoing work

Between now and February 19, you need to...

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