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TCEA 2012: I Have an iPad. Now What?

Tips and Apps for School Administrators

Marie Clotilde de Fare and Her iPad, after Henri Gervex by Mike Licht.

Welcome and Overview

     Group introductions


Useful Information


Free user guides to download in iBooks (on your iPad):

        iPad 2 Starter Guide by Macworld (make sure you choose Starter Guide, not Super Guide) 

        iPad User Guide for iOS 5 (Apple)    

Apple Guided Tours for iPad

Apps for every school leader

        Click here to view recommended apps.

        TICAL Recommended Mobile Apps for Administrators

        Activity Menu (handout)


Education applications

        Attributes of effective apps (Brainstorming activity)

        MacWorld App Guide: Essential Collections


        Best App Ever

        Free App a Day

iPod Touch & iPad Resources (Content area and App Reviews tabs)


Classroom management, policy implications, and safety

        Small Size, Big Potential: Mobile Learning Devices in School

        Preparing your School for an iPad Implementation

        Sample AUP 


Instructional Planning 


iPod Touch & iPad Resources (Instructional Strategies tab)


Apptivities from previous workshops are linked here. Remembering that these are drafts, look at 2-3 apptivities, choose one, and then complete and submit an Apptivity Review to provide constructive suggestions. Completed reviews will be added to the Apptivity page.   



        Group sharing