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Southlands Christian School: May 2-3, 2012

Use the links provided below to acces resources highlighted duringprofessional development sessions provided on May 2 and 3, 2012.

Flora With Her iPad, after Rembrandt van Rijn by Mike Licht.

Helpful Background Information

iPodTouch & iPad Resources (How To tab)

   Free user guide to download in iBooks (on your iPad)
   iPad User Guide for iOS 5.1 (Apple)

How to Use iPad 2 (Amazon.com blog)
Apple Support   

   New features - iOS 5
   How to Setup Wi-Fi Sync for the iPad in iOS 5
   How to Sync your iPad with iTunes Wirelessly Over your Wi-Fi Network

   How to set up a new Cellular Data account on iPad Wi Fi + 3G (if applicable)

   Case recommendation: OZAKI iCoat cover

   Physical and Motor Skills

Education applications

   Chomp (website highlighting iOS and Android apps)

  Keeping Up with iPad Apps

   Free Apps


We recommend you follow:


 Classroom management, policy implications, and safety

Note: Although the following documents may reference a specific platform, the ideas discussed are cross-platform.

Apps, Ideas, & Advice for Using Tablets (Android or iPad)

   Tablet Devices: Taking Education by Storm?

   Preparing your School for an iPad Implementation

   Getting Ready for iPad Deployment 

   Sample AUP

Instructional Planning

   Bloomin' Apps


   Apptivities Form

Workshop Apptivities are posted in the Touch the Future wiki. To access all apptivities, click here.