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Surveys and Hotlists and Blogs, Oh My!

 Use the links below to access tools and resources included in this workshop.


Click here to complete an online survey.



Welcome and Introductions



Research Base


1. Lessons Learned (SEIR*TEC) synopsis

2. School Technology Leadership: Incidence and Impact  (Center for Research on Information Technology and Organizations University of California, Irvine)

3. Technology Leadership (The Knowledge Loom)


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Another good online resource for education news is ASCD SmartBrief. Click here to sign up.



Survey tools


Web sites:


1. Zoomerang

2. SurveyMonkey

3. ProfilerPro (for the slightly more adventurous)


You may view sample education surveys on the ProfilerPro Survey Library.


4. Add-A-Form


Activity 1 (See handout)





1. Filamentality


           Guided Tour


 2. TrackStar


           TrackStar Tutorial


Activity 2 (See handout)


You can also build and share annotated Webliographies using a social bookmarking tool like del.icio.us. Learn more by visiting del.icio.us help.






Blogs to review:


         School blogs:                  

                                                Meriwether Lewis Elementary School

                                    Conners Emerson School

                                    Hunterdon Central Regional High School

         Teacher blogs:        

                                    Carmack’s Critters

                                    Senior English

                                    Speaking of History...

                                    Mrs. Zana's Class

                                    Molecules in Motion: Room 149

                                    Mountain School Adventure


         Administrator blogs: 

                                    Principal’s Quest

                                    Educational Technology by Tim Lauer (principal,

                                    Meriwether Lewis Elementary School)

                                    Principal's Blog by Kevin Crotchett (principal, Forest Park Elementary School)

School Administrators and Blogging (Susan's blog)


         Class Web Logs (Willowdale Elementary School list)


      Room 208 (3rd and 4th grade students)


      A Midsummer Night's Dream (student performance project)


      LearnServe Ethopia (high school service learning project)




Blog Directories:           


                                    Blog Catalog



Blogging tools: Blogger 




Activity 3 (See handout)








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