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South Kitsap School District: Day 1

August 15, 2005 

Welcome and Introductions


Overview of Topics & Materials


  • Purpose of workshops
  • Workshop topics
  • Online agendas

 Leadership Challenges Facing Today’s School Administrators 


Online collaboration


Concerns about Technology Implementation



The NETS Standards for Students (NETS*S), Teachers (NETS*T), and Administrators (NETS*A) 


Morning Recap




The Essential Conditions for Implementing the NETS



Levels of Technology Use (Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow Report)


  • You may download two templates and step sheets to use when planning and observing technology-based lessons at the ISTE online bookstore

Look for the Technology Supported Lesson Plan and Technology Supported Lesson Observation templates. The step sheets are found in the Chapter excerpt.


  •  Video: Promising Practices: Recognizing and Supporting Teaching with Technology (SERVE, (800) 352-6001)



Technology Showcase


Some resources to explore.


Focus on Effectiveness: Integrating Technology into Research-Based Strategies


Teachers and students at Willowdale Elementary School incorporate the use of technology throughout their instructional day. Download Willowcast podcasts produced by fourth and fifth grade students or view character education video public service announcement written and produced each month by a different grade level.



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