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August 29, 2005

Using Technology to Support Systemic Change

Welcome and Introductions


Overview of Topics


  • Online tools for collaboration
    1. Using AirSet
    2. Using a wiki (the password is quillayute)
    3. When do you blog? When do you use a wiki?



  • Personal vision
    1. Quillayute Valley School District Technology Plan
    2. Making Technology Standards Work for You: A Guide for School Administrators, pp.14–17  and Self-Assessment Activities for School Administrators, p. 13
    3. Forward-Thinking, Shared Vision


  • Action Plan
    1. What 2-3 steps do you need to take to become a contributing member of the technology planning team?
    2. Whose assistance do you need to implement these steps?
    3. How will you know when these steps are successfully completed?
    4. Post ideas on wiki (the password is quillayute)


  • Resources