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elearn by wgreller. Available: http://flickr.com/photos/wgreller/260560153/

FETC Full-day Workshop, January 21, 2009
Presenters: Gene Bias, Susan Brooks-Young, Kevin McGillivray,  and Dan Morris



     Click here to complete an online survey.

     Change or Die article

     Minimize Resistance--Maximize Success (slides in pdf)

Web 2.0 Tools for Leadership     

     Digital Leadership wiki

Web 2.0 Tools for Personal Productivity

     iGoogle (handout)

     Google Docs Offline

     Google Docs and Spreadsheets:

     Forms Example
     Forms help     

     Documents help     

     Spreadsheets help
     Presentations help



     Resources (websites and videos)

     Documents (AUP discussion)

Debrief on Personal Plans and wrap-up

     Action Plan template (handout)


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