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!~!The Land and Water Animals!~!
The animals that live in water and on land are the.................bullfrog, the snapper turtle, and seastars (star fish)

The bulflrog eats frogs, toads, fish, birds, bugs, tadpoles, and snakes.
Their only enemies are snakes!
The bullfrog lives in Minnesota and other southern states.
Their special  feature is the croaking sound that it makes.

The snapper turtle eats cray fish, algae, frogs, worms, fish, crabs, snails, insects, carrion, vegetable mannor, water fowl, and small reptiles and mammals.
They mostly live in New York.
Its enemies are alligators, large bird, large fish, snakes, and sea otters.
Their special feature is that it cant hide in its shell because its to big!

THE SEASTAR (aka star fish)
The seastar  eats oasters, clams,.hermet crabs, and other shelled animals.
They live in the warm salt water around mud and rocks.
Their enemies are the sea anemones, and all crabs.
One special feature about them is that they have no front or back and they have hundreds of legs.