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The Home Of The Locust
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My Links


Link says go to a link...or else

Here are the sites I go to often, or are just plain cool

Time's scar - Chrono Cross (Soundtrack)

SPECTRI CoMiCs Justin's great flash animation website. Steve's convenient index of all his sites.
xxiresistiblexx version 8.0 Johanne's site. "She's Da Shit!"
nuggilicious Kevin's site WARNING: This site has themes in it that shouldn't be viewed if your parents can see the computer screen. Pat's photo site of all the crazy stuff at LHHS, and off campus too. Pat's photo site of the LHHS track team of 2003.
OverClocked ReMix Great site of Remixed video game songs
Bob and George, the Comic Strip Funny comic strip series(of course involing Megaman)  The Flash animation site to rule them all Video game junkies should go here(The links to different video game sites are at the bottom of the page this link takes you to).
DreamBook - Free Guestbook Server go here for a free guestbook. Any high school student should read this artical about sleep, namely the lack of it.
My old site. This site is more than a year old, and I had time to work on it. But no, not anymore do i have free time, thank you very much sophmore year homework (curses teacher's names)