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The Home Of The Locust
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Welcome to the home of the Locust



The site name, Smoking_Locust, is not meant to encourage or promote smoking cigarettes, Marijuana, or anything else. It is simply a random name that I thought was funny. Please don't think of it as anything more than that.

whats up?...guess I won't get an answer from you on that, but anyways welcome to my site. Here you can find what I like to call "Cyber Kyle". If you just can't get enough of me in person, this site is for you. Now go have fun, roaming this site or whatever.

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Site Updates:
3/19/03-Creation of this site, or when I decided to stop working on my other tripod site and start over on this one.
3/31/03- ya i have updated it a couple times between the creation of this site and up to now, but i just never got around to updateing this part. but up to now i have added the calculater story, the crude humor section, the download section(even tho nothing is in it) and the links section.
4/13/03- guestbook, so you can sign it. Go, sign it; Don't think, react! be fast like the wind!
       - i also added a counter.
4/15/03- I have finally released my site. But there are many things that are not finished yet. Just work with me here.
4/16/03- Added a bunch of new images, including all the locusts.
       -I have just finished my first flash video! but it still needs some fine tuning so I can't put it up yet, but I will.
       - Im going on a trip tomorrow so I will not be updating for a while.
4/22/03- Finished the Stolen calculator page(Finally).
4/23/03- Comic Characters page added.
       - Made the Smoking Locust head image for the home page.
       - Added Flash movies page & the flash movie Megaman Fly.
       -Added bunch of more stuff:Buddy icons page, cool crap, and the contact me page.
       -Added music to Sean's stolen calculator page, and images page.
       -Added some pics to the crude humor god, Im freakin' obsessed with this site. I really need to stop updating it. Im going to go see if i can stop my monomania now.
4/24/02- Added the Luigi Is a nazi page.
5/04/03- added "Encounters with god" to my flash videos.
       - More than 100 people have visited my site. WooHoo!
       - The songs that played on this site took up too much bandwidth by playing once in the background when you go to that page(except for The song in the crude humor section, that has to be heard!). You can still the song though, all you have to do is hit the play button in the thing right above where I put the name of the song and its author.
       - I added the link to Bob and George in the links section.

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This website contains (or will contain) Photos, comics, flash movies, pictures, and a bunch of other crazy junk. If were born without a sense of humor, this is not the site for you.