Sailor Chibi-Chibi Moon

  • Japanese Name: Chibi-Chibi

  • North American Name: Mini-Mini?

  • Age: Possibly 2 yrs old?

  • Date of Birth: June 30(6.30)

  • Astrological Sign: Cancer the Crab

  • Gemstone: Pearl

  • Blood Type: O

  • Height: Chibi-Chibi?

  • Hair Color: Cinnamon Red

  • Eye Color: Sapphire Blue

  • Hobbies: Chibi-Chibi?

  • Favorite Colors: Red and Blue

  • Likes: Chibi-Chibi?

  • Dislikes: Chibi-Chibi?

  • Has Difficulty With: Chibi-Chibi?

  • Favorite Food: Doughnuts

  • Least Favorite Food: Chibi-Chibi?

  • School Attended: Too young to attend school!

  • Favorite Course: Chibi-Chibi?

  • Least Favorite Course: Chibi-Chibi?

  • Favorite Sport: Chibi-Chibi?

  • Least Favorite Sport: Chibi-Chibi?

  • Wishes to be: Chibi-Chibi?

  • Main Weapon/Attack: Chibi-Chibi?

    *Editor's note* When I interviewed Chibi-Chibi, I guess the questions she didn't know the answer to was "Chibi-Chibi?".

    History Behind the Name "Chibi-Chibi"

    "Chibi" is the japanese word for "little".

    The song you are hearing is the original Japanese transformation background music of Sailor Moon's "Moon Prism Power".

    Attacks, Powers, Etc.


    Sailor Tiger's Analysis on Sailor Chibi-Chibi

    Possibly one of the most mysterious of all of the Sailor Senshi known. Even her origins are unknown to the public. Some say that she was a descendant of the far future (past Chibi-Moon) and is the true form of Sailor Moon without the fear. In this case, she lost to Chaos and has traveled back in time to make things right. Others have said that she was the star seed of goodness that was released from the body of Sailor Galaxia (possibly the strongest senshi known in the Galaxy). Just before Sailor Galaxia's body was taken over by Chaos after sealing it inside her body, she managed to release her star seed in hopes that it would find someone with new hope, dreams and desires. That it would one day be awakened and restore the goodness of Sailor Galaxia's soul. Her powers are unexplained and can be seen only by two flashes of light, one pink and one crystal-color. More will be explained after further research...

    Chibi-Chibi's Love Life

    She is innocent to love itself. She loves and cares for those who cares about her. Her innocence is what attracts and draws everyone to her attention. In her words, "Chibi-Chibi!" could even mean "I Love You!". As far as a boyfriend, well, what do you think????

    Chibi-Chibi's Power of the Unknown

    That is exactly what it is. No one knows the measures of her powers. She had the ability to give Sailor Moon her ultimate attack of Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss. She has the ability to send the Sailor Senshi into the unpenetrable fortress of Galaxy TV and straight to the throne of Sailor Galaxia herself. She even had the power to transform herself into the sword that was once held by Sailor Galaxia to help Sailor Moon seal Chaos. Finally, she lead Prince Darien's star seed to the arms of Sailor Moon in the end. Such an immense power cannot be explained, and is possibly better off that way...

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