Solid Ground... Southern Gospel Music Group


Darin Thomas sings lead and harmony vocals, plays acoustic guitar, and writes most of the songs performed by the group. Their current project includes seven songs penned by Darin. Darin always says that God gives him every word of each song and never hesitates to give God the glory. Darin recently accepted a pastor position at Theater of Praise Church in Flemingsburg Ky.
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Full Name: Steve Darin Thomas
Birthday: Feb. 4, 1968
Fav. Food: Fish Wal-Mart
Fav, scripture: Jesus Saves
Fav. hymn: Old Rugged Cross Through The Fire {by the Crabb Family}
Fav.CD: The Crabb Family "PRAY"
Fav. female vocalist: Karen Peck
Fav, male vocalist: Jason Crabb
Fav.Male Qt: Gold City Qt.
Fav, Mixed Qt: Karen Peck & New River
If u could be anywhere right now where it would it be: Heaven
Fav, book: The Bible