Solid Ground... Southern Gospel Music Group


Robbie Workman, Darin's younger brother, sings lead and harmony vocals and plays bass for the group. He completes the vocal portion of the group with his strong voice. Robbie is 24 years old and, along with the other members of the group, has devoted his life to serving the Lord through music and song. Married to Amanda Dugan and have a precious baby girl named Hailey. Robbie and his family spend most of their time on the road ministering with Solid Ground. Robbie is also Youth Pastor of Happy Hollow Church in Lewis Co. Ky.
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Full Name: Robbie Chad Workman
Birthday: April 8, 1984
Fav. Food: Chinese Value City
Fav, scripture: Galations 2:20
Fav. hymn: Amazing Grace Through The Fire {by the Crabb Family}
Fav.CD: The New Hinsons "Light Up The Night"
Fav. female vocalist: Karen Peck
Fav, male vocalist: Jason Crabb
Fav, Male Qt: Gold City
Fav, Mixed Qt: The New Hinsons
If u could be anywhere right now where it would it be: Singing at a concert seeing many souls saved
Fav. movie/video: Gospel Music Videos
Fav, book: The Bible