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1967 - Bolens Large Frame Tractors - 1987

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1967 was a turning point in the way Bolens manufactured tractors for many years to come. For the first time in history, a garden tractor implemented a heavy duty, hydrostatic driven transaxle into one complete assembled unit. This hydro package was so new at the time, no one outside of the Bolens manufacturing facilities were to attempt repairs on the unit, not even authorized Bolens dealers.  Warranty and repair service consisted of removal of the complete transaxle and replacing with a new hydro package. The old unit was to be sent back to the factory for failure analysis. Also at this time Bolens invented and patented what we have all come to love, the "treadle pedal". One foot control to operate both forward and reverse travel operation. The most simplistic idea ever imagined, it was quickly adopted to other tractors in the Bolens line up. This set them apart from the competition for many years to come.

1967 - 1969

The 1250 was the first of the large frame Bolens tractors.
The frame consists of two long steel channels that run the length of the tractor. With a cast iron front bolster to tie up the front end and a cast iron steering support bracket tying the frame at the center. The rear was held together by the most important component, the transaxle. The hydrostatic transaxle was shaft driven directly from the engine providing instant torque at the rear with no worry of belt slippage. Front, center and rear tractor attachments were all shaft driven by a single PTO unit that was housed up front by the front axle. Automotive type universal joints were employed to run all the hardware. Hydraulic lift was standard. Category - 0 three point hitch was optional equipment to power the many Bolens licensed and allied non-powered implements.

1968_1250.jpg (50453 bytes)


At the end of the 1250 era, Bolens opted for more horsepower than the 12.5hp of the 1250. 14hp for the 1455 rectified many concerns that came from previous 1250 owners. Faster ground speed from the improved Eaton 12 hydro.

1455_04.jpg (65970 bytes)

1970 - 1971

Nearly identical to it's predecessor the 1455. Most noticeably the "Husky" dog was introduced to coincide with the current advertising campaign at the time.

1476-1.jpg (115707 bytes)


Outfitted with a heavier hydraulic control valve this time around. Still running the tried and true Wisconsin S14d 14hp engine. Not much else changed.

Bigtractor.jpg (35370 bytes)


1971 - 1972
This marked a new paramount for the Bolens large frame. This Big Tractor had teeth. A powerful 18 horsepower cast iron twin cylinder Kohler engine now sits beneath the hood. Now you could push, plow, pull and pulverize nearly any obstacle. Dual hydraulics allowed for power blade angling and lifting from the driver seat. A huge new 54" center mount mower deck was easily mowing the most daunting landscapes ever seen by non-commercial property owners. Only made for two years, the 1886 saw a total of 5 production runs. The 1886-01 thru 1886-04 were nearly all identical with only minor modifications from time to time. All still used the Eaton12 hydrostat until the 1886S-05 which was fitted with the new Sundstrand 15 hydro pump.

Nov07^14.jpg (61379 bytes)
1886S-05 and
1886S-06 HT18

The HT18 ( 1886S-06 ) was a nearly complete overhaul of what had been seen for years. With the new twin cylinder engine in place as well as the Sundstrand hydrostat, Bolens was also looking for a cosmetic facelift of sorts at the time. They still used the same styling but were getting away from the old and familiar beige and brown paint scheme. They went with black and white to let people know this was not the same old Husky. Rear hydraulic connections were also added to accommodate the ever growing optional attachment list.

tr_10.jpg (21044 bytes)
HT20 Model 2086

HT20 Model 2087

1973 - 1978
The HT20 received yet another power boost. Now fitted with a 19.5HP Kohler K532 Series engine. What's a half horsepower any way? Who cares, this machine was just about to do extraordinary things - with the optional new Backhoe attachment to compliment the already available front end loader*, Bolens now had a fully commercial powerhouse in the consumer buying market.
What more could you want!


 Nearly identical to the HT23, the HT20D (HT22 Export Model) boasted a 2 cylinder Air Cooled Wisconsin Diesel Engine which was imported from Italy. Unfortunately the original engine manufacturer closed many years ago, therefore making it near impossible to find any parts for this engine.



1979 - 1987
The last of the HT series line up. The HT23 received yet one last power upgrade. Now a full 23 horsepower. Also upgraded with a new 2 speed HI / LO range transaxle and Eaton 11 hydro pump. Familiar options from the HT18-HT20 carried over to the HT23 as well. All previous HT attachments will fit the HT23. From mowers, blowers, sweepers, flails, blades, loaders, backhoes, post holes, trenchers, cabs, ROPS,  tillers, plows, cultivators...the list is nearly endless! Made for 9 years, this was the ultimate in homeowner outdoor power equipment.

HT23-2.jpg (11607 bytes)

~max0003.JPG (33125 bytes)

Download 6.6MB (107 pages)

Note: 1250, 1455, 1476, 1477 and 1886 Tractors (Eaton 12 hydro types) are not covered by this service manual. Unfortunately,
 Bolens never released a true complete service manual for these models.  

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Download 2.4MB

KOHLER Engine Manuals

 Service Manual
K482, K532 and K582

K582 Owner Manual

WISCONSIN Engine Manual


Large Frame Mower Decks
Model Description
18048-01.pdf Model 18048-01 48" Deck Fits 1250, 1455, 1476, 1477, 1886
18048-02.pdf Model 18048-02 48" Deck Fits 1250, 1455, 1476, 1477, 1886
18049-01-02.pdf Model 18049-01- 18049-02 48" Deck 1250, 1455, 1476, 1477, 1886
18049-03.pdf Model 18049-03 48" Deck 1250, 1455, 1476, 1477, 1886
18049-04-07.pdf Model 18049 S/N 0400101-0799999 48" Deck 1886, HT18, HT20, HT20D and HT23
18070-01.pdf Model 18070-01 54" Deck 01 Series Fits 1886 and HT's
18070-02.pdf Model 18070-02 54" Deck 02 Series
18070-03.pdf Model 18070-03 54" Deck 03 Series
18071-01.pdf Model 18071-01 54" Deck Early 18071 01 Series
18071-01-02.pdf Model 18071 S/N 0100101-0299999 54" Deck
18110.pdf Model 18110 S/N 0100101-0499999 54" Later Model - Common on HT23
18025.pdf Model 18025 25" Tiller Fits all 1250, 1455, 1476 and 1477
18090.pdf Model 18090 33" Tiller Fits 1886-01 thru 1886-04 Only
18093.pdf Model 18093 33" Tiller Fits 1886S-05, 1886S-06 HT18, HT20, HT20D and HT23
SNOW REMOVAL Attachments
***The 42" Snowthrowers will fit all Large Frame Tractors, however different length lift rods may
be required depending on your tractor/snowthrower model.***
18042.pdf Model 18042 42" Snowthrower - ***
18044.pdf Model 18044 42" Snowthrower - ***
18100.pdf Model 18100 42" Snowthrower - ***
18103.pdf Model 18103 42" Snowthrower - ***
18148.pdf Model 18148 48" 2-Stage Snowthrower - Fits 1886 and HT series tractors
1948-1949.pdf Models 1948 & 1949 48" 2-Stage Snowthrower - Fits 1886 and HT series tractors
18151.pdf Model 18151 Push Frame Kit for 48" 2-Stage Installation with Instructions
18054.pdf 54" Manual Angle Blade - Fits all Large Frames - May require different length lift rods. 
18085.pdf 54" Hydraulic Angle Blade - Fits all 1886 and HT series tractors
18010.pdf 3-Point Hitch Fits 1250,1455,1476,1477 and 1886-01 thru 1886-04
18086.pdf 3 Point Hitch Fits 1886S-05, 1886S-06 and all HT's
POWER STEERING KITS - these lists are for reference only. Most, if not all, parts are obsolete for these
power steering  kits. For repairs, check with a hydraulic specialty repair facility.
18088.pdf Fits 1886S-05,1886S-06, HT18 and HT20 only
18112.pdf Fits HT20D and HT23
18114.pdf Fits HT20D and HT23
18070-03 OM.pdf 18070-03 54" Mower Deck Owners Manual - Installation Instructions
18087.pdf 18087 Oil Cooler Kit Fits 1886S-05, 1886S-06, HT18 and HT20

Tubeframes  -  Largeframes  -  XL Series  -  Suburban  -  Q Series  -  5000 Series  -  Duratrac-GTX - Attachments

* Although the front end loader is available for all large frame tractors, the backhoe was only available for the HT series tractors.

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